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Paranormal - 'normal, everyday phenomena'

By Terence Handley MacMath

September 7 2018Biologist and author Dr Rupert Sheldrake believes that paranormal phenomena such as telepathy are in fact normal, and that animals have a spiritual nature. He was speaking to Terence Handley MacMath.

Much of my scientific work has been about plants and the development of forms in living organisms. I’ve also worked in tropical agriculture at the International Crops Research Institute in Hyderabad, in India. More recently, as a Fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and Director of the Perrott-Warrick Project, I’ve been working on the unexplained powers of minds.

My work is essentially field-based: studying the sense of direction in homing pigeons in pigeon lofts; filming dogs in people’s houses; filming people at home receiving phone calls, or in schools; research in real-life conditions; and some online experiments that people can join in. I log the results, analyse the data, and publish papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

There’s now evidence that minds extend far beyond brains, and much of my research involves looking at phenomena that suggest interconnections between minds at a distance. For example, the sense of being stared at implies that, just by looking at somebody, you can affect them, and there’s now experimental evidence that this is indeed the case. I summarised this research in The Sense of Being Stared At. There’s also evidence that animals are telepathic, and many dogs, cats, and other pets pick up their owner’s intentions, often telepathically; so I wrote Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home...

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