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How should Christians respond to the transhumanist desire to reshape humanity?

By Chris Shearer

Christian responses to transhumanism, which aims to enhance humanity via technology, have often been negative, often suggesting that this type of thinking falls under the banner of “playing God”. But what if there was a theological basis to more positively engage with the concept of “future human beings”?

This month, Angles on Science, Faith and Technology looks at just that topic. The podcast hears from Trinity Theological College Queensland lecturer Dr Victoria Lorrimar, who explores the concept of humans as co-creators with God in a speech originally broadcast during the 12th Conference on Science and Christianity (COSAC), which ran from 10 to 12 July and was run by Christians in Science and Technology (ISCAST).

Dr Lorrimar argues that creativity is foundational to being a human being, and that technology may indeed be a legitimate exercise of this creativity, looking at the theological basis for such arguments.

This is the fifth episode of Angles, which is a collaboration between the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne and ISCAST. You can listen to it by searching for Angles on Science Faith and Culture on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or your podcatcher of choice, or find it directly at 

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