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Women of the New Testament show us God's inclusive plan

The women of Jesus' ministry, and those who worked alongside Paul, need to be re-discovered, argues Dorothy Lee. Through them, women today can see how they are set free in Christ to become their true selves as daughters of God and sisters of Christ.

By Dorothy Lee

September 9 2019Women’s ministry is an important feature of the New Testament writings. For more than 100 years, women have been rediscovering slowly but surely their place within the biblical text and attempting to live out its radical call to equality and mutuality, a calling that goes back to Jesus’ own ministry. Yet this has not been without fierce opposition from within the church. Christian feminism has been branded as indifferent to biblical authority and caving in to a secular, liberal agenda. But in fact women continue to discover, in the pages of the New Testament, a new place of freedom and a new authority within the community of faith. Christian women now read the Bible from their own context, challenging past interpretations that reflect the male-oriented prejudices of their day... 

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The Revd Cannon Prof Dorothy A. Lee FAHA, is a Stewart Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity College, University of Divinity.

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