Faith seeking understanding

God is with us through the tragedies, traumas

The kind of deep faith shown by the Centurion in the Gospels, and often by new Christians, can sometimes be a struggle for mature Christians. But we are still invited to amaze, even shock, Jesus with our faith, writes Anthea McCall.

By Anthea McCall

Sometimes people say things that surprise you. Children often surprise you with their wise observations of everyday life – like Annie, age eight, who said “If you want a kitten, start out by asking for a horse.”

Sometimes children stun adults by showing spiritual insight far beyond their years. Likewise, new Christians can express spiritual truths which mature followers don’t always grasp.

What could possibly amaze Jesus? Is it possible to do something that would momentarily disorient him? ... 

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The Revd Anthea McCall is Acting Dean of the Anglican Institute and lecturer in Bible and Languages at Ridley College.

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