Petition to the AFL regarding Good Friday football

Bishop Philip Huggins reports on his recent meeting with the AFL regarding Good Friday football.

July 1 2016

Dear friends,

Thank you for your response to our petition regarding the AFL and Good Friday.

I have just finished my meeting with Mr Travis Auld, AFL General Manager - Clubs and Operations. Travis has responsibility for the 2017 AFL fixture.

I had a very respectful meeting. It was made clear no decision has yet been made.

There is an AFL Commission meeting at the end of July and Travis Auld is preparing Fixture options for that meeting.

He took very much to heart that introducing AFL on Good Friday would cause deep and unnecessary hurt.

We agreed that, in a world full of tears, none of us in leadership should cause any further and unnecessary hurt.

Travis has a good heart and listened well. He appreciates that we are very grateful for the respect and kindness with which the AFL have treated the importance of Good Friday to us.

Time will tell what gets decided.

It was important to convey afresh how we see Good Friday as the turning-point of human history and that thus the tradition has been to keep the whole day quietly, not just the period up to 3.00pm.

Travis understood our concern that if a game is introduced on Good Friday evening that will spoil the quietness of the day (including for players and officials). Moreover, he understands why we would fear that this wedge would then open up into the rest of the day, once the precedent was first established.

Analysis of the “Brexit” matter was also relevant. Namely, the dangers if media and AFL Industry elites try to spin what suits them. Especially if they thus were out of touch with the aspirations and sentiments of folk like those who signed our AFL petition.

However, all in all, I write to convey a positive message after today’s meeting and will advise any updates.

The sight of all those petitions was very convincing!

Every blessing,

Bishop Philip Huggins

PS Please convey this update to any who you know have signed our petition.