Growing in Faith

Tone of voice can speak volumes about faith

By Philip Huggins

October 25 2017Driving across the Nullarbor, near the WA border, we went into the National Park. An Indigenous ranger took us to the cliff top. We could look down and see the whales, up from the Antarctic to birth their young. All so amazing!

He asked us to be quiet. “Shhh”, he said. He told the whales below how they’d hear different voices, but not to be alarmed. They knew his voice. He spoke in comforting tones. His love was vivid for these vulnerable mothers, birthing their young.

I was reminded of Dostoyevsky’s reflection that “you can tell a lot about what people think of you by their tone of voice”.

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Bishop Philip Huggins has responsibility for the episcopal area of Oodthenong.

This article first appeared as the faith column in The Sunday Age on 10 September 2017.