Growing in Faith

Prayer helped chaplain face 'mystery of suffering'

By Marilyn Hope

June 6 2018 

The Revd Marilyn Hope reflects on how being a Benedictine Oblate helped to sustain her focus on God as a hospital chaplain and pastoral care co-ordinator.

I have been an Oblate of the Anglican Benedictine Abbey at Camperdown, Victoria for a little over 20 years. Oblates are not the same as Tertiaries, in that they are not a separate order, but live the Benedictine Rule, in so far as they are able, in their daily lives, and are always attached to a monastery.

The Rule is simply meant to be one way of living out the Gospel in everyday life. The Camperdown Oblates have a newsletter in which they share articles about the Benedictine life, receive a letter from the Sister Superior, and share prayer concerns. In my nearly 18 years as an Anglican chaplain and then pastoral care coordinator at The Alfred Hospital, I found that the Oblate life sustained me.

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