Heroes of the Faith

John Wesley's life of unwavering commitment

The founder of Methodism strove for a holiness that came from being more conformed to the image of Christ. Nils von Kalm, who has been inspired by John Wesley’s unshakeable commitment both to others and to Christ, pays tribute to one of his heroes of the faith.

By Nils von Kalm

May 7 2019It is no exaggeration to state that John Wesley changed England in his lifetime. His influence on the nation, and on millions of people worldwide since then, has been that profound.

In the 18th century, England was undergoing major social changes. The Industrial Revolution was changing the face of society as well as people’s roles in it. With it came high levels of poverty and economic inequality, the use of child labour, abuse of people in labour markets, slum living conditions, unjustifiable prison practises, and mass production.

Into this environment came John Wesley. His passionate desire was to re-create society. Probably the most well-known way he sought to achieve this was through the founding of the Methodist movement. It is a movement whose legacy continues to this day ... 

Nils von Kalm is Church and Community Engagement Coordinator at Anglican Overseas Aid.

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