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2015-2017 media releases

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November 23 2016Don't drop Indigenous recognition, Church pleads
Constitutional recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders has dropped increasingly below the Federal Government’s radar, but it is vital if Australia’s Indigenous people are to flourish, according to the head of the Anglican Church in Australia, Melbourne Archbishop Philip Freier. Read more

NOVEMBER 14 Refugees: a welcome development
Archbishop Freier has welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement of a potential agreement that will enable refugees to leave Nauru and Manus Island for other countries, notably the United States. Read more

OCTOBER 28 Let in Middle Eastern Christians, urge Church leaders
Australian church leaders have written to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull lamenting the slow progress in resettling refugees from the Middle East and expressing particular concern for the persecuted Christian minorities. Read more

OCTOBER 26 AFL's scheduled Good Friday match in 2017 another win for market, not for people
The AFL’s decision to schedule a match on Good Friday for the first time in 2017 is another win for the relentless and commodifying logic of the market overwhelming all other considerations, Bishop Philip Huggins, an Assistant Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, said today. Read more

OCTOBER 22 Melbourne Anglicans act against sexual abuse
The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne will set up an independent body to investigate sexual abuse complaints, based on a company structure with its own board of directors. Read more

OCTOBER 19 Poverty, refugees, legal aid on Anglican synod agenda
Same-sex marriage, legal aid and poverty are among the issues to be discussed at the Melbourne Anglican Synod, which opens at St Paul’s Cathedral tonight. Read more

OCTOBER 12 Toxic debate 'damaged Australia's soul'
The toxic asylum seeker debate has “damaged Australia’s soul”, World Vision CEO Tim Costello told a public meeting in Melbourne today. Read more

OCTOBER 11 Refugees: the new normal?
Tough border security is “the new normal” around the globe, and those who want a more generous approach to refugees will “just have to get used to it”, Major General Jim Molan, the co-author of Operation Sovereign Borders, said on the ABC’s Q&A on Monday night. Read more

OCTOBER 10 Perth Archbishop Roger Herft stands aside
The Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia, Melbourne Archbishop Philip Freier, said that he acknowledges the decision of Perth Archbishop Roger Herft to stand aside from his position. Read more

SEPTEMBER 9 Church can live with plebiscite result
The head of the Anglican Church in Australia, Melbourne Archbishop Philip Freier, has written a pastoral letter to the nation’s Anglican bishops outlining his view on the proposed plebiscite on same-sex marriage. Read more

AUGUST 10 Anglican leader condemns maltreatment in detention
The release of files from the asylum seeker detention centre in Nauru published on the Guardian website today are shocking and saddening. Read more

JULY 28 Keep Good Friday sacred
The AFL tradition of respect for the sanctity of Good Friday has been deeply appreciated by people of faith, according to Melbourne Anglican Bishop Philip Huggins. Read more

JULY 22 Clergy sexual abuse in Newcastle
A statement by the Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia, Melbourne Archbishop Philip Freier. Read more

JUNE 30 Election challenges from the grassroots
Social challenges ranging from poverty and isolation to cohesion are the subject of three six-minute videos published by the head of the Anglican Church of Australia, Melbourne Archbishop Philip Freier, before the Federal election on Saturday. Read more

JUNE 15 Orlando horror: statement from Archbishop Philip Freier
The horrific slaughter of 49 people in Orlando, Florida, by an apparently unhinged gunman is profoundly saddening and shocking, says Archbishop Philip Freier. Anglicans, along with other Australians, have been moved by this senseless loss of life. Read more

MAY 18 Anglicans reach out to Geelong Muslims following mosque fire
The Anglican Church has offered its facilities to Geelong Muslims whose mosque was burnt down in a fire early on 18 May. Melbourne Bishop Philip Huggins has offered Imam Mohammad Ramzan the use of the All Saints Newtown church hall for Friday prayers, if needed. Read more

MAY 4 Governor General can help a healthier election campaign
The Prime Minister and Opposition Leader should hold a private meeting with the Governor General to agree on strategies to stop the forthcoming federal election campaign descending into the negativity and blaming that has marked Australian political discourse in recent years. Read more 

APRIL 5 If children are to be returned to Nauru, Government claims are false
The Anglican Church calls on the Government to urgently clarify the status of “children released from detention”. Read more

APRIL 1 Two new bishops for Melbourne
Archbishop Philip Freier has announced the appointment of the Revd Dr Paul Anthony Barker and the Revd Dr Bradly Scott Billings as Assistant Bishops in the Diocese of Melbourne. Read more

MARCH 15 Harness religion’s power for peace
Religion is often blamed for war and violence, but its influence for peace and reconciliation seldom gets the same attention, according to Melbourne Anglican Archbishop Philip Freier. Read more

FEBRUARY 11  Asylum seekers not 'collateral damage'
Long-standing asylum seekers must not become collateral damage to more recent policies, according to the Anglican Refugee and Migrant Working Group. Read more

FEBRUARY 4 Nauru detention for children unacceptable: bishops
Melbourne’s Anglican bishops again urge the Prime Minister, Mr Malcolm Turnbull, to change the narrative on children in detention despite the High Court decision yesterday that there is no legal impediment to returning more than 250 asylum seekers to Nauru. Read more

DECEMBER 2 Let the community sponsor asylum seekers
Statement by Bishop Philip Huggins, Chair, Anglican Church of Australia Refugee and Asylum Seeker Working Group. Read more

NOVEMBER 27 First Indonesian among new Anglican priests
Melbourne’s Anglican Church will gain 26 new priests on Saturday, one of the largest intakes in recent memory, when they are ordained at a service at St Paul’s Cathedral on Saturday at 10.30am. Read more

NOVEMBER 23 Gun amnesty can build confidence, says bishop
Heightened fears of terrorist attacks and vastly increased gun crime in Australia mean it is time for another gun amnesty, a Melbourne Anglican bishop has suggested. Read more 

NOVEMBER 16 Horror in Paris: statement by Archbishop Philip Freier
On behalf of Australia’s Anglicans, I express our deepest sympathy for and solidarity with the people of Paris in their fear, pain and mourning. Read more

NOVEMBER 11 World War II effort needed against climate change
The fight against climate change will need a global effort greater than World War II, according to leading commentator Robert Manne. Read more

OCTOBER 19 Gambling industry corrupts government: Anglicans
Gambling income has corrupted successive Victorian State Governments because they rely heavily on gambling income and because the industry has “bought off” the political parties, the Melbourne Anglican synod has been told. Read more

OCTOBER 13 Penalty rates and freedom of religion
Concerns over a push to abolish Sunday penalty rates will be discussed at the synod of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. Read more

OCTOBER 7 Building religious goodwill
With religion tensions again in the news at home and abroad, it is easy to overlook the vast amount of goodwill between religious groups and their role in building peace, according to Anglican Bishop Philip Huggins, president of the Jewish Christian Muslim Association. A walk on Sunday 11 October in Melbourne will celebrate interfaith friendship. Read more

SEPTEMBER 20 Asylum seekers need bipartisan amnesty
The Anglican Church is urging the Government and Opposition to extend to asylum seekers in detention the bipartisan approach seen recently over Syrian refugees and people-trafficking. Read more

SEPTEMBER 15 New PM can restore confidence, says Archbishop Freier
The head of the Anglican Church in Australia, Melbourne Archbishop Philip Freier, has written to new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull today, wishing him well and assuring him of the support and prayers of the Church. Read more

SEPTEMBER 9 Anglican Church congratulates PM on refugees
The Anglican Primate of Australia, Melbourne Archbishop Philip Freier, has congratulated the Federal Government on today’s decision to allow 12,000 Syrian refugees into Australia above and beyond the expected humanitarian intake. Read more

SEPTEMBER 6 Syria bombing increases risks at home, warns Anglican Primate
Australia should expect a heightened risk of violence inside its own borders if it extends military action into Syria, as the Australian Government is now considering, according to Melbourne Archbishop Philip Freier. Read more

SEPTEMBER 4 Please let in 10,000 more Syrian refugees
The Anglican Church in Australia is pleading with the Government to allow another 10,000 refugees from Syria into Australia before Christmas. Read more

JUNE 21 Anglican Church forms company
Melbourne Anglicans have voted to form a company to make the church’s governance more transparent and encourage justice for victims of sexual abuse by giving them an entity from which to seek recompense. Read more

JUNE 17 Bringing people together the challenge for new woman bishop
Finding new ways of connecting people to meet the challenges of the 21st century will be the priority for new Melbourne Anglican Bishop Genieve Blackwell. Read more

JUNE 15 Archbishop urges asylum seeker transparency
Amid rumours that the Australian Government paid people smugglers to return to Indonesia, Archbishop Philip Freier has called for greater transparency about border patrols. Read more

APRIL 20 This can’t continue: ending domestic violence
Suggestions that a woman dies every week in Australia at the hands of a partner or family member probably understate the real figure, according to anti-violence advocate Paul Linossier. Read more

APRIL 1 Hope takes Easter people beyond a violent world
2015 Easter message from Dr Philip Freier, Anglican Primate of Australia and Archbishop of Melbourne. Read more

MARCH 3 On the sacred path: photo exhibition at St Paul's Cathedral
“The Pilgrim Way” features 40 large-print images by acclaimed Australian photographer Earl Carter of the sacred Camino pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Read more

JANUARY 30 ‘Mercy’ is the response of our common humanity
The Indonesian authorities have obviously facilitated the remarkable rehabilitation of former drug-traffickers Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan. Their own response to opportunities for rehabilitation further underscores the cruel folly of execution. Read more

JANUARY 22 Australia Day amnesty for Manus Island detainees
Australia Day is an opportunity to take a one-off and uplifting initiative: declare an amnesty for those now in the Manus Island Detention Centre. Read more