Anglicans reach out to Geelong Muslims following mosque fire

Bishop Philip Huggins has said that the Anglican Church wants to help Geelong Muslims "in any way we can".

The hall at All Saints Newtown, pictured above, has been offered to Geelong Muslims as a venue for Friday prayers, after Geelong's mosque was burnt down.

May 18 2016The Anglican Church has offered its facilities to Geelong Muslims whose mosque was burnt down in a fire early on 18 May. Melbourne Bishop Philip Huggins has offered Imam Mohammad Ramzan the use of the All Saints Newtown church hall for Friday prayers, if needed.

Bishop Huggins, whose episcopal area includes Geelong, wrote to the Islamic Council of Victoria to tell them of the offer, which was made through Father Peter Martin, the Vicar of St James and St John in Queenscliff who is a good friend of Imam Ramzam.

“We want to help in any way we can,” said Bishop Huggins. “We appreciate how shocking and distressing the destruction of a place of prayer and community strengthening is. With this common ground between us clearly we would want to reach out and help our Muslim friends continue their devotional life.”