Bishop White to move into part-time role in growth areas ministry

Bishop Paul White is to step down from his role as Assistant Bishop for the Jumbunna Episcopate.

Bishop Paul White

Bishop Paul White will step down from his full-time role as bishop.

February 26 2016Bishop Paul White has announced his resignation as Assistant Bishop for the Jumbunna Episcopate. His resignation will take effect from mid-May, but he will return in early July to a part-time role as Assistant Bishop for Growth Areas Ministry.

Archbishop Philip Freier said Bishop White had faithfully served as an assistant bishop since his appointment as regional bishop of the Western Region, in conjunction with his role of Director of Theological Education, in 2001.

“Of course his service in various roles in this Diocese and the broader church extends well beyond this,” said Archbishop Freier. “His knowledge of the Diocese, its parishes, people and vitality is unparalleled, as are his gifts of organisation and administration amongst many others.”

Bishop White will be responsible for the development of a strategic plan for the diocese’s growth area ambitions across three, six and nine years, and – once agreement on the plan is reached – the gathering and deploying of resources to bring it to fruition.

“I am delighted that Paul has accepted this invitation to continue to serve as he begins to transition to retirement. The ministry of Paul and Robyn in this Diocese has been significant and I look forward to his continued service in this new and vital venture.”