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Hawking to "join greats", Trinity's travails continue, Bishop calls time in NZ, thoughts on the 21st century Church and Lent.

March 21 2018 

Physicist Stephen Hawking to be buried at Westminster Abbey

The funeral of the renowned scientist and advocate will be held at Great St Mary’s church in Cambridge on Easter weekend and his ashes interred in the Abbey later this year near the remains of Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

How Stephen Hawking did theologians a favour

Canon Andrew Davison, the Starbridge Lecturer in Theology and Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, offers this reflection on Stephen Hawking in a Church Times article and podcast.

Archbishop of Canterbury challenges wealthy nations to make up for climate change mistakes

Listen to Archbishop Justin Welby speak to Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat program during his recent visit to Fiji for the gathering of Oceania Anglican leaders that included Archbishop Philip Freier.

Trinity Grammar parents ramp up campaign against school over sacking

The embattled headmaster of the independent Anglican school in Kew is still under fire but he finds public support from perhaps an unexpected quarter.

Christchurch Bishop Victoria Matthews resigns after tumultuous decade

Earthquakes and the fate of her quake-damaged cathedral dominated the Canadian’s tenure as Bishop of Christchurch but Bishop Matthews is far from retiring as she considers life beyond NZ.

Who can claim credit for the Enlightenment?

Nick Spencer, from the British Christian think tank Theos, talks to James Carleton on ABC Radio National’s God Forbid during his recent lecture tour of Australia.

Work begins to clear mines from Qasr el Yahud – the West Bank site of Jesus’ baptism

The Anglican Communion News Service reports on progress and cooperation between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and churches as a mine-clearing operation begins at the traditional site of Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan.

Lambeth Conference 2020: ‘God’s Church for God’s World’

Take a look ahead to the 2020 Lambeth Conference of the world’s Anglican bishops on this newly launched website.

What is Church?

Former Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn George Browning contemplates what a Church fit for purpose for the 21st Century might look like.

Commune with Christ

In the last days of Lent, Sydney's Archbishop Glenn Davies offers this meditation on a season that is more about feasting of a kind than fasting!