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Women in the Church take up leadership roles and have their say; young culture-makers' views about religion are explored.

April 4 2018 

Bendigo’s new Dean to be Archdeacon Elizabeth Dyke of Canberra-Goulburn

Bendigo’s new Bishop Matt Brain looks to his former diocese for a new Dean and announces a local priest as his new Vicar-General.


Sacred Space #1 Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy

Watch Perth’s new Anglican leader and the ABC’s Geraldine Doogue, who is from the WA capital, take to the Swan River to discuss sacred spaces and leadership of a Church whose trust bank, the new Archbishop admits, is “pretty depleted”.


A sketch of creative millennials from the inner north of Melbourne

Remy Chadwick, an actor, musician and Director of Creative Ministry at St Matthew’s Prahran, shares his experience of “young culture-makers”, and what they think of Christianity, with Ethos, the Evangelical Alliance Centre for Christianity and Society.


Jesus wasn’t white: he was a brown-skinned, Middle Eastern Jew. Here’s why that matters

Robyn J. Whitaker, the Bromby Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies at Parkville’s Trinity College, University of Divinity, asks what church and society would look like if Westerners remembered that Jesus was brown, if they were more mindful that the person they celebrate as God in the flesh and saviour of the world was not a white man but a Middle Eastern Jew.


‘For they were afraid’: The threat of Resurrection

Sarah Bachelard, the founder and leader of Benedictus Contemplative Church in Canberra and an honorary fellow at the Australian Catholic University, says it’s time to risk becoming witnesses of resurrection, of God's inextinguishable life.


BBC’s religion editor Martin Bashir: Why Christianity is still relevant this Easter

Martin Bashir, perhaps best known for a “tell-all” 1995 interview with Princess Diana, writes about his life from being part of an immigrant Muslim family from Pakistan to embracing the Christian faith.


Happy Easter to you. Now let’s nationalise our churches

Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins, author nearly 20 years ago of England's Thousand Best Churches, says England’s parish churches should be “nationalised, localised and secularised, in that order” and liberated from the Church of England to become the beating hearts of their communities again.


What would Jesus do about tax and government spending?

The Age economics columnist Ross Gittins considers the use and misuse of Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan by modern politicians and economists and urges caution in reading too much into it to justify modern arguments about state intervention and personal wealth.


Stephen Hawking was wrong: three reasons why God must exist

As Stephen Hawking’s private funeral was about to be held in Great St Mary’s Church in Cambridge over the Easter weekend, Will Jones says Christian tradition has long held that belief in God is knowable by natural reason and challenges the arguments for atheism put forward by the late theoretical physicist.


Reclaiming Jesus from the Trump Evangelicals

Jim Wallis accuses “Trump Evangelicals” of so completely and uncritically offering their faithful allegiance to the man in the White House that they have compromised the gospel of Jesus Christ.