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Kew's Trinity Grammar School may be emerging from crisis; a love story from the City of Churches; and two leaders remembered.

April 11 2018 

Independent review concludes Deputy Headmaster dismissal not justified

The findings of a retired Federal Court judge and a barrister give Trinity Grammar School in Kew a chance to move beyond weeks of discomfort in the public spotlight. Read the school’s media release on the impending return of Rohan Brown to his old job.


Adelaide doctor and nurse find true love after ABC interview brings them together

The ABC was an unwitting match-maker for a retired doctor and former matron it brought together to reminisce about their time at the old Royal Adelaide Hospital. Watch and read Simon Royal’s report on the couple’s journey to their recent exchange of vows in an Anglican church in the City of Churches.


China bans online Bible sales as it tightens religious controls

Christianity alone among China’s major religions — Buddhism, Taoism, Islam and folk beliefs among them — may not have its major holy text sold through normal commercial channels. Ian Johnson of The New York Times reports on Beijing’s latest attempt to curb religion.


Services of commemoration held on 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King assassination

Amelia Brown of the Anglican Communion News Service reports on services honouring the US civil rights leader, including in Memphis, where he was slain on 4 April 1968, and at Westminster Abbey, where his statue stands above the Great West Door of the Abbey with other 20th century martyrs.


‘Her defiance inspired me’: Desmond Tutu pays tribute to Winnie Mandela

Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu, his successor as Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town and the Ugandan-born Archbishop of York recall a controversial icon of the struggle against apartheid on her death in this article from Church Times in the UK.


Under our skin: The Bible in Australia

The Bible's place in Australian life has been “diverse and changing, sometimes surprising and very often debated” – but always far-reaching, says historian Meredith Lake, in this extract from her new book on the ABC Religion and Ethics website.


Video: Methodist Conference Secretary the Revd Gareth Powell & Archbishop Justin Welby – What do we mean when we pray Thy Kingdom Come?

Watch the Archbishop of Canterbury and a senior British Methodist leader converse about John Wesley, divisions among Christians and the Lord’s Prayer that unites them all in this video looking towards the Thy Kingdom Come global prayer campaign between Ascension Day and Pentecost.


Enlightenment values are not Christian values

Retired Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn George Browning writes his blog, In Service of the Common Good, about how a Scripture reading for the Second Sunday of Easter contradicted a widely held perception in Australian public life that Christianity is about private, rather than social, principles and responsibilities.


Employable Me: Rethinking work to embrace diversity

Kate Galloway delights in an “uplifting, warm and insightful” ABC TV series following a group of neuro-diverse young job-seekers in this piece for Eureka Street, an online publication of the Australian Jesuits.


When is sport more than just a game?

As the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast moves into its final days, and Australia still digests what happened to its Test cricket team, listen to James Carleton and commentators reflect on religious metaphors, sacred sites, sporting gods and Australians’ devotion to sport on ABC Radio National’s most recent God Forbid program.