The 'awful horror [that] disturbs our hearts': Primate

Archbishop Freier has denounced the terrorist attacks in Brussels and Lahore.

April 18 2016Melbourne’s Archbishop Philip Freier, the Anglican Primate of Australia, has denounced the terrorist attacks in Brussels and Lahore in March. “The dual terrorist attacks will do nothing to build a better world, in Europe or in the Middle East,” he said in a statement issued on 24 March. “Death and destruction are always counter-productive.”

“What awful horror disturbs our hearts as we think of those people killed in circumstances so familiar to many from constant repetition around the globe? It is not yet the end of March, and already well over 2000 people have been butchered this year in scores of terrorist attacks.

“Only days before we remember Jesus’ death on the cross, the facelessness of evil is once again to the forefront of our attention. The message of Easter and the reality of God’s triumph over death and evil is so purposeful for us at this time.

“In the dramatic narrative of Holy Week, we see the love that suffers: God’s decision to engage human evil, the resurrection to life of Jesus, the victory of divine love, evil’s inevitable defeat and God’s offer of peace.”

He said that as well as praying for those who have suffered so terribly, “It is also right that we pray for those who conspire to carry out such harm, for God to change their hearts and minds from evil to good.”

Dr Freier posted on his website remarks by the Moderator of the Church of Pakistan, President Bishop Samuel Azariah, that Pakistan was at breaking point. The Church of Pakistan is a United Church that brings together Anglicans, Presbyterians, Methodists and Lutherans.

The stated targets of the attack were Christians celebrating Easter but even more Muslims are believed to have been killed and wounded.

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