Typhoon Mangkhut: urgent support needed for the Philippines

Anglican agency launches emergency appeal for typhoon-affected Philippines

September 18 2018The Anglican Board of Mission (ABM) has launched an emergency appeal in response to a request for assistance from the Episcopal Church in the Philippines, after Super Typhoon Mangkhut struck the northern parts of Luzon on Saturday 15 September.

The Episcopal Church in the Philippines has a substantial presence in the region, with four out of the seven dioceses spread across the affected area. This includes 300 parishes and 100 other communities that the Church has engagement with, all of which have been damaged in varying degrees by the typhoon.

Much of the area is rural, with rice and corn crops almost ready to be harvested, but now destroyed, leaving thousands of people without livelihoods and homes. A rice shortage already experienced prior to the typhoon is now expected to severely affect many more people in the weeks to come.

More than 60 people have died, mostly caused by landslides in or near the Cordillera mountain region, with the number expected to rise.

The Revd John Deane, ABM’s executive director, said that it is not often that a partner will request for assistance so immediately.

Attorney Floyd Lalwet, the Episcopal Church’s National Development Officer, sent ABM a report on the situation on 16 September: "All over Northern Luzon, communities have been severely damaged by the typhoon. Houses and other structures were destroyed and our communities are now doing communal actions to repair and/or rebuild the habitations. Farmlands have borne the brunt of the strong wind and rains and crops that are due for harvest at the last quarter are almost completely wiped out."

Sadly, four members of a family who attended St Timothy’s Church in Bontoc, Mountain Province, were killed in a landslide. Two children survived and are being treated in hospital. The church has asked for prayers for the children’s recovery and for their family members who were lost.

ABM is aiming to raise $100,000 to assist the Episcopal Church in the Philippines with its emergency response. To donate, please phone 1300 302 663 or give online at