Pope Francis and Archbishop Welby 'undeterred' by 'serious obstacles' to unity

Despite differences, we are "brothers and sisters in Christ", say Pope, Archbishop of Canterbury

Archbishop Justin Welby and Pope Francis have issued a Common Declaration in which they say that "serious obstacles" to full unity will not deter Anglicans and Roman Catholics from working together in joint mission.

October 6 2016The ordination of women and “more recent questions regarding human sexuality” are serious obstacles in the path to unity between Anglicans and Roman Catholics; but they “cannot prevent us from recognising one another as brothers and sisters in Christ”, Pope Francis and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said in a Common Declaration issued on Wednesday, Rome-time.

The Anglican Communion News Service reports that, speaking of the meeting between Pope Paul VI and Archbishop of Canterbury Michael Ramsey in 1966 – the first such public meeting of a Pope and Archbishop of Canterbury since the Reformation – and their Common Declaration, Pope Francis and Archbishop Welby said that their predecessors had “recognised the ‘serious obstacles’ that stood in the way of a restoration of complete faith and sacramental life between us. Nevertheless, they set out undeterred, not knowing what steps could be taken along the way, but in fidelity to the Lord’s prayer that his disciples be one.”

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