Anglican students record special message for COP25 climate conference

Anglican students have created a special message of hope to show at the UN climate conference this month in Spain

By Chris Shearer

December 3 2019Students from Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School have created a “special message of hope” to show at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP25, in Madrid in early December.

The music video features a group of students singing and playing the Burt Bacharach song “What the World Needs Now is Love”.

Filmmaker and producer Richard Keddie, known for his work on films like Ride Like a Girl and Oddball, teamed up with the students, directing the video and helping them to secure the rights to the track.

Retired Melbourne Bishop Philip Huggins will play the music video at COP25, where he is an official delegate on behalf of the World Council of Churches.

Year 11 student Mia, who is one of the singers in the video and Chair of Lowther Hall’s Social Justice Committee, said: “It is our hope that the delegates will come together to address the global climate issues in a compassionate and caring way, and this song is our plea for constructive and co-operative leadership to guide us through these complex issues.

“As children of today and adults of the future our voices need to be heard and our concerns listened to.”

Bishop Huggins said he hoped the message would resonate with the COP25 attendees.

“To give our young people a better future this conference must succeed. We, the human family, need to become more benign, a more loving presence on the planet.”

Mr Keddie, who collaborated with Bishop Huggins on a video of Australian children asking the Prime Minister to release children held in offshore detention last year, said the truth of the climate emergency and the science behind it was too easily lost in the “vortex of the 24 hour news cycle”.

“It is leading our children into a future no one wishes for. It has to change. We have to change. Through this song I hope we can recognise how dangerous a game we are playing at, and how important it is that love and understanding underline our approach to the major issues ahead.”

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