Faith heroes on ABC radio’s The Spirit of Things

Contributors to Heroes of the Faith have spoken with ABC Radio's Rachael Kohn.

PHOTO: Murray Seiffert

December 20 2015The recently-published Heroes of the Faith, a collection of profiles of men and women whose lives have proclaimed Christ and inspired faith in others, has been featured on ABC Radio National's The Spirit of Things

In the program, which first aired on Sunday 20 December, Muriel Porter, Roland Ashby, Cath Connelly, Graeme Garrett and Murray Seiffert reflect on their chosen faith heroes and what they have taught them about humanity, faith and Christmas.

Heroes of the Faith is a publication of Anglican Media Melbourne and draws on profiles published in the popular TMA series of the same name.

Click here to listen to the program on The Spirit of Things.

Heroes of the Faith is published by Garratt Publishing, and is available in bookstores and online. Email or phone 1300 650 878

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