Archbishop Freier's 2020 Christmas message

Christmas a time to "pause and rejoice", says Dr Freier

December 22 2020Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne Dr Philip Freier says this Christmas we should remember the "almost unimaginably good news" that was God's intervention in human history. 

Remembering the challenges of the past year, from bushfires which devastated much of the country at the start of the year to the pandemic which caused hardship across the nation, Dr Freier said it was good to "pause and rejoice". 

"We know our destiny is certain because it is secured and guaranteed by the one who entered humanity as a helpless baby and died a cruel death on the cross," he said. "God does not stand far off, watching from a distance but comes to us, walks with us and stays with us. He is the redemptive, restoring and healing force in every human circumstance."

Watch the full message below: