Higher-earning Australians urged to donate their tax cut to charity

Two young Australians - one Muslim, one Christian - have set up a pledge website for higher earners.

Australians earning more than $80,000 are being urged to donate the tax cut they received under the last budget to charity.

May 17 2016Australians earning more than $80,000 — the beneficiaries of a tax cut under the last budget — are being encouraged to donate their $6 per week they will gain to one of 10 charities.

Young Australians Fahim Khondaker, of the Islamic Council of Queensland, and Brad Chilcott, of the Activate church, have set up a website where donors can make a pledge and then be directed to the website of a charity.

“Sharing your tax cut doesn’t fix systematic unfairness, but it can  send an important message, and enable Australia's best charities to help our fellow Australians,” the website says.

“I wanted a platform where people could do something tangible rather than just talk about it,” Khondaker told Guardian Australia.