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May 9 2018 

Former Anglican Dean of Newcastle Graeme Lawrence to face trial charged with sexually assaulting teenage boy
Former Anglican Dean of Newcastle Graeme Russell Lawrence will face a trial in Newcastle District Court on charges he indecently and sexually abused a 15-year-old boy in the Hunter in 1991.

Anglican Church in NZ opens the door to blessing same-sex relationships
The Synod of the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia passed a resolution today which would allow churches in New Zealand to bless same sex relationships. 

Nationals MP George Christensen enters other kind of ministry
Outspoken Nationals MP George Christensen is set to be ordained a deacon in the Anglican Church. He will be ordained a deacon in July by Bishop of the Diocese of The Murray, in South Australia, John Ford.

Tasmanian Bishop Richard Condie’s Pastoral Letter on Redress
Bishop asks Tasmanian parishioners to consider victims of historical child sexual abuse the "primary concern" as the Diocese makes plans to sell property to cover expected costs of redress.  

US House of Bishops invites reflections on #MeToo and the Episcopal Church
The House of Bishops is inviting Episcopalians to “share reflections on sexual harassment, abuse and exploitation” ahead of a planned General Convention listening session titled “Pastoral Response to #MeToo.”

Rio Tinto faces up to Church of England shareholders’ resolution on coal lobbyRio Tinto has survived a resolution co-filed by the Church of England Pensions Board challenging the company's continuing support for pro-coal lobby groups

It is time to rethink the purpose of godparents
As contemporary English culture becomes increasingly secularised, popular knowledge of religious vocabulary and imagery shrinks and statistics show a decline in the number of people being baptised and confirmed. The question arises: do we actually need godparents? 

Obituary: The Very Revd Dr David L Edwards – historian, theologian, publisher, dean and provost
The historian, theologian, writer, publisher, journalist, administrator, and, above all, Christian prophet who was long regarded as one of the Church of England’s brightest intellects, passed away age 89 last week.

The Church of England: Mission and Ministry after the Decade of Evangelism
Church of England urged to get out of "broadcast" mode and begin listening to the communities around them after Decade of Evangelism.

Cheers and caution for President Trump’s new faith-based initiative 
As part of his National Day of Prayer observance, the president announced an executive order Thursday May 3 creating a new White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative.