Daughter to join father as Anglican priest

The Revd Richard Murray will be a proud father when his daughter is ordained a priest at St Paul's Cathedral tomorrow

PHOTO: Janine Eastgate

November 25 2016Richard Murray will be a proud father in two senses tomorrow when his daughter Elizabeth is ordained an Anglican priest at St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne, 11 years to the day after his own ordination in 2005.

He is proud both as an Anglican Father and as a biological father, and says his daughter’s ordination is both moving and satisfying. “It’s an extra bond that will be between us forever,” he says.

Elizabeth missed being ordained deacon – a preliminary step – on the anniversary of her father by one day because 2016 is a leap year.

She is one of 23 people – 15 men and eight women – being ordained tomorrow.  Several have been in Deacon’s Orders for many years, including one, Sheridan Hannah, who was first ordained as a Deaconess more than 30 years ago.

Two women first ordained deacon in the Diocese of Sydney are being ordained Priest: Natalie Rosner and Angela Cook.

Three of the new priests represent the diverse multicultural backgrounds of the Anglican Church in Melbourne. Richard Liu is ministering to the Chinese Mission of the Epiphany in Melbourne’s Chinatown; Manoli Mager, who was ordained deacon in 2000 in Sudan, has been serving for several years at St George’s Flemington; and Dennis Emery, who was ordained deacon in New Zealand, has been leading an Anglican Maori congregation in Melbourne for the past few years.