Media release: Refugees: the new normal?

Breakfast discussion on 12 October, 2016 between Archbishop Freier and World Vision's Tim Costello

October 11 2016Tough border security is “the new normal” around the globe, and those who want a more generous approach to refugees will “just have to get used to it”, Major General Jim Molan, the co-author of Operation Sovereign Borders, said on the ABC’s Q&A on Monday night. 

Yet there is a growing unease in Australia about the plight of refugees in offshore detention, and a sense that changes are urgently needed.

Activist and World Vision CEO Tim Costello and Melbourne Anglican Archbishop Philip Freier will discuss how we got to this point and possible better alternatives for handling asylum seekers at a public conversation at the Deakin Edge Theatre, Federation Square, at 7.30am on Wednesday 12 October, 2016.

They support the right of governments to control sovereign borders, but believe this can be done without seeking to deter asylum seekers by calculated cruelty to refugees in offshore detention or the 30,000 living in Australia on restricted temporary visas.

Where: Deakin Edge Theatre, Federation Square
When: Wednesday 12 October, 7.30am (morning please note)

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