Let Australia's faith communities help resettle Nauru and Manus Island asylum seekers

Hospitality and compassion are shared core values, says National Council of Churches

In a joint statement, the president and general secretary of the National Council of Churches have asked that the government let faith communities help care for asylum seekers currently held offshore.

October 19 2016The National Council of Churches in Australia has asked the Government to let Australia’s faith communities help settle and care for those asylum seekers still on Nauru and Manus Island.

“Hospitality and compassion are shared core values of the major world religions, notwithstanding our many mistakes and failures,” said the president of the NCCA, Melbourne Anglican Bishop Philip Huggins and general secretary Sister Elizabeth Delaney after an NCCA board meeting in Sydney yesterday.

“We are writing to the Prime Minister and Minister of Immigration and Border Protection, asking that they meet us so we can clarify how together we can co- operate to settle and care for these people,” Sister Delaney and Bishop Huggins said in a joint statement.