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March 7 2018 

Acceptance for same-sex couples moves closer as Christchurch Anglicans pave way for marriage blessings

Watch Bishop Victoria Matthews and other NZ Anglicans reflect on their debate in this report from 'The Press' in Christchurch.


Jesus makes churches not NGOs, Archbishop of Canterbury tells Suva service

Archbishop Justin Welby preaches during his visit to Fiji for a meeting of the region's Anglican Primates, including Australia's Dr Philip Freier.


New look for Wangaratta Anglicans' website

Anglicans in Victoria's North-East receive an online makeover!


Facebook to target people with adverts based on their religion

Now they want your soul, too! Margi Murphy from Britain's 'Telegraph' reports.


Episcopalians confront hard truths about Episcopal Church’s role in slavery, black history

Watch the video and read the story from the Episcopal News Service about the complicity of the Church and America's northern states in this notorious part of US history.


Meet Australia's first transgender priest

ABC presenter Julia Baird talks to a Brisbane clergy couple in this account of profound change.


The day Billy Graham transfixed a massive MCG crowd

The ABC recalls the day Billy Graham filled the 'G' to overflowing in 1959.


11 tips for new ordinands

Experienced US clergyman Neal Michell passes on some wisdom to newcomers in this piece from US website 'The Living Church'.


On A Mission: Professor Gary Bouma on Billy Graham

Melbourne Anglican priest and sociologist the Revd Professor Gary Bouma recalls meeting Billy Graham and assesses his legacy in this conversation with Noel Debien on ABC Radio National's 'The Spirit of Things'.


Big or Little Australia?

Former Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn George Browning contemplates the population challenges facing Australia in this edition of his blog, In Service of the Common Good.