Summit aims to connect youth to 'bigger picture'

Diocese begins 2018 pivot towards youth ministry

By Chris Shearer

April 1 2018 

About 25 youth leaders from around Melbourne gathered on 8 February for a Youth Summit to discuss the future of youth ministry in the Diocese of Melbourne.

Hosted at Glen Waverley Anglican Church, new youth ministry consultant Conrad Parsons said the night was about meeting those at the coalface of youth ministry to better understand what they need going forward.

“I want them to feel listened to and I want them to start to see themselves connected to something a bit bigger than their local parish, to have a bigger picture of what can happen through youth ministry,” Revd Parsons told TMA.

“The people who can best make sense of God and Bible stories are people closest to their culture, closest to their age.

“If we can actively invest in young leaders they themselves will be able to translate and help the teenagers make sense of their life, to see how God fits in, to see how the stories can enrich their lives and change their society.”

Mr Parsons said the Youth Summit was just the first in a series of youth-centred events being planned for this year, with the response so far encouraging.

“I’m surprised by the level of receptivity… I haven’t seen this before, where everyone is ready to move forward at the same time, and that’s exciting.”