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18 to 24 July

An 'outstanding Anglican': Bishop Grant farewelled; a prison chaplain reflects; and how Buzz Aldrin sought the spiritual to make sense of his history-making achievement.

July 24 2019


Bishop Grant remembered as a gift to church, city and family

Bishop James Grant was remembered as a pivotal figure in the Anglican Church, as a powerful paternal influence in his family – even as “Mr Melbourne” when Dean – at his funeral at St Paul’s Cathedral on 19 July.


An Inside Job: True Confessions of a Prison Chaplain

John Waddell was a prison chaplain in Victoria for 11 years. In a new Anglican Media Melbourne video he shares the joys and trials of a difficult and often overlooked role in ministry, and why he wrote his memoir An Inside Job: True Confessions of a Prison Chaplain.


Incense in doubt as loss of Boswellia trees leads to global shortage of frankincense

A global shortage of frankincense could threaten the production of church incense which some traditions use during worship as a visible sign of prayers ascending to God.


As the Moon landing unfolded, Buzz Aldrin took communion. Here’s why

Simon Smart, Executive Director of the Centre for Public Christianity, writes about astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin taking Communion on the Moon: “It's a striking thing that in this moment of astonishing human achievement, perhaps the zenith of scientific endeavour to that point in time, a key player in the drama was reaching for something spiritual to make sense of the experience.”


Archbishop of Canterbury goes aboard with the Mission to Seafarers in Hong Kong

Watch the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and the Archbishop of Central America, Julio Murray, visit ships in Hong Kong Harbour with the Mission to Seafarers during the recent Anglican Consultative Council meeting. Archbishop Welby said he was struck by the very austere life that seafarers lived and called for advocates for seafarers who could work with ship owners and unions to improve conditions.


UK Government adopts persecution report after Commons debate

The British Government is to accept all the recommendations of a review of the Foreign Office’s support for persecuted Christians written by Bishop Philip Mounstephen of Truro. Government Minister Sir Alan Duncan told the House of Commons on 18 July: “We are too reticent about discussing Christian persecution, and we must overcome this mindset; the evidence justifies a much louder voice.”


Eating more peaceably: the Christian ethics of eating animals

David Clough suggests that for humans to be ‘in the image of God’ means for us to show other creatures what God is like in how we treat them. What does this look like in practice?


Bark paintings from the golden period return, half a century later

Time capsules from the golden period of Aboriginal art in the 1950s and 60s are now back in Australia. Revealed: Arnhem Land Barks from the Anita Castan Collection – Yirrkala and Milingimbi is the latest exhibition at the University of Melbourne's Trinity College.


How Christians Against Poverty is encouraging churches to help alleviate financial woes, and build community connections

Sight Magazine’s David Adams speaks to Rosie Kendall, chief executive of Christians Against Poverty in Australia, about how the organisation partners with churches to help people struggling under the weight of debt.


The art of spirituality

For all of human history we've had religion and we've had art — and the two have remained inextricably linked. We're not just talking about Da Vinci's Last Supper, or Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, but the creation of art itself as a practise with the power to transcend.