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Newsstand 26 September - 2 October

Australia's Human Rights Commission pours cold water on the Government's proposed Religious Discrimination Bill; more Anglican bodies, including a Ballarat college, join the National Redress Scheme; a Brotherhood of St Laurence expert talks to the ABC about the challenges facing older workers; and when and how did America lose its religion?

October 2 2019


Human Rights Commission targets ‘overly broad’ Religious Discrimination Bill

The Australian Human Rights Commission warns of "undesirable consequences" from the Federal Government's proposed Religious Discrimination Bill, saying protections under the legislation could come at the expense of others.


Participation in National Redress Scheme continues to grow

A Ballarat Anglican college is among the latest institutions -- 14 of them Anglican -- to join the National Redress Scheme, Senator Anne Ruston, the Minister for Families and Social Services, announced this week.


Nothing childish about student climate strikers

Who were the adults at the recent climate strike in Melbourne, asks a Jesuit priest who attended the rally? The climate strike came out of young people's conviction that business and government leaders were ignoring the consequences of their failure to adequately respond to climate change. Young people, who will bear the costs of this failure, did recognise its consequences.


Talkback: mature, skilled and looking for work

Dina Bowman, economic sociologist with the Brotherhood of St Laurence, is among the guests on this episode of Life Matters on ABC Radio National, which looks at the challenges older workers can face in finding employment.


Historical evidence of biblical conquest discovered

Russell Powell of Sydney Anglicans reports that researchers working on Mt Zion in Israel are finding artefacts that confirm the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem, detailed in the Second Book of Kings in the Bible. In 586BC, the city was under siege from the forces of King Nebuchadnezzar.


Bishops call for respect on all sides amid Brexit debate

The bishops of the Church of England have called for respect on all sides amid growing acrimony over the debate on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, due to occur at the end of this month. The bishops described the use of language in some cases as “unacceptable” and called for the 2016 referendum result that the UK should leave the EU to be honoured and for the rule of law and impartiality of the courts to be upheld.


Sabah bishop elected as the new Archbishop for the Anglican church in South-East Asia

An indigenous bishop from Sabah in Malaysia has been elected as the next Archbishop of South-East Asia, Rachel Farmer reports for the Anglican Communion News Service. Bishop Melter J. Tais, the Bishop of Sabah, will take up his new role in February 2020, succeeding Archbishop Ng Moon Hing, for a four-year term. 

South Sudan’s Archbishop prays for forgiveness with both sides

Steps towards lasting peace in South Sudan have taken place, with political leaders joining in prayer with church leaders to reaffirm their commitment to peace, unity and reconciliation. At a national prayer breakfast organised by the South Sudan Council of Churches, the Anglican Archbishop of South Sudan, Justin Badi Arama, preached what he described as “a message of love” to the church leaders, senior government officials and members of the opposition who all attended the event at the Presidential Palace in Juba. 


Three decades ago, America lost its Religion. Why?

Derek Thompson writes in The Atlantic that religion has lost its halo effect in the US in the past three decades, not because science drove God from the public square, but rather because politics did. He explains how in the early 1990s, the historical tether between American identity and faith snapped.


Tom Holland interview: ‘We swim in Christian waters’

Listen to and read Andrew Brown's Church Times podcast with historian Tom Holland about his new book, Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind, which the author says is about how Christianity has transformed not just the West, but the entire world.