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Newsstand 25 February - 3 March

New GM for MADC, General Synod postponed for second time, why churches should be used as vaccination hubs, GAFCON leaders at odds, and more...

March 3 2021


Diocese appoints new General Manager

The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne has appointed Mr Justin Lachal as its new General Manager, starting on 5 April. Mr Lachal is Professor of Practice – Accounting and Data Analytics at La Trobe University and works at Jones Lang LaSalle, where his clients include Telstra, ANZ, Australia Post and the Victorian Department of Finance. Archbishop Philip Freier has welcomed Mr Lachal's appointment, saying he has shown particular strengths in communications and teamwork.


Primate's letter on second postponement of 18th Session of General Synod

The Anglican Primate of Australia, Archbishop Geoffrey Smith of Adelaide, says the postponement again of General Synod has been a difficult decision made in response to the continuing uncertainty around travel and gatherings. "Covid-19 has impacted all our communities in profound ways. We are mindful of the grief, disruption and heartache this world-wide pandemic has caused to individuals and communities. We are also thankful to God for the way Australia has fared through this time."


Faith leaders urged to spread word amid calls for churches to be used as vaccination hubs

Religious leaders are being urged to publicly support the COVID-19 vaccine to dispel a groundswell of coronavirus misinformation circulating among ethnic communities that threatens to undermine the vaccine rollout. Doctors are also pushing for churches and mosques to be used as mass immunisation centres as public health experts warn that reaching culturally and linguistically diverse communities, who were hit hardest in Victoria’s deadly second wave of coronavirus, will be critical to the success of the national vaccine program.


After 25 years in the worst places on Earth, New World Vision CEO has a message for Australians

“Every emergency, war, famine since 1995, I’ve participated in it, either [being] there myself personally, or leading teams there or supervising teams.” The new CEO of World Vision Australia, Daniel Wordsworth, has endured a lot in the name of serving those in need. But what he’s learnt along the way may surprise you. 


Church must play key role in national effort to solve housing crisis, says C of E's Archbishops’ Commission

The Church of England should lead by example, including delivering more truly affordable homes on its own land, to help solve the housing crisis, says a landmark report published today by the Archbishops’ Commission on Housing, Church and Community. Published after two years of research, the 10-strong Commission warns that the housing crisis has left an estimated eight million people living in overcrowded, unaffordable and sub-standard accommodation with increasing numbers of families unable to put down roots in their communities.


Disability Royal Commission hears how criminal justice system fails people with disabilities

The intersection between disability and the criminal justice system is, unfortunately, not a happy one. People with a cognitive disability form some two per cent of the population in Western Australia but more than half of those committed to local courts on criminal charges there. In Australia, poverty, homelessness, abuse and First Nations background all serve as risk factors for the treatment of people with a disability by the justice system. Too often, people move between prison and homelessness, with offences such as trespassing (due to the lack of a home) being used to send them back to prison.


GAFCON leaders at odds over pastoral care of gay Christians

Archbishop Henry Ndukuba of Nigeria has rebuked members of the conservative Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) for what he calls a “subtle capitulation to recognize and promote same-sex relations among its members”. The cause of Archbishop Ndukuba’s rebuke was a pastoral statement issued by ACNA on 19 January on sexuality and identity, which included discussion of language describing Christians who are gay. It said: “To insist on the adjective ‘gay’, with all of its cultural attachments, is problematic to the point that we cannot affirm its usage in relation to the word ‘Christian’.”


Young Anglicans urged to register for global environment event

The Anglican Communion’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Jack Palmer-White, is calling on young Anglicans to participate in “Youth 4 Climate: Driving Ambition”, a global environmental event taking place ahead of this year’s COP26 climate change meeting. The youth event will take place in Milan, Italy, between 28 September and 2 October.


Cypriot church calls for 'devil' Eurovision song to be scrapped

The Orthodox Church of Cyprus has called for the withdrawal of the country’s controversial entry into this year’s Eurovision song contest titled “El Diablo,” charging that the song makes an international mockery of the country’s moral foundations by advocating “our surrender to the devil and promoting his worship”.


Good Samaritan on trial for terrorism 

Long hailed for his bravery during the 1994 Rwandan genocide, Paul Rusesabagina is now charged with being an insurgent leader. Did Rwanda change, or did he? This New York Times article explores the downfall of a hotel manager portrayed as a hero in the acclaimed 2004 film Hotel Rwanda — Don Cheadle’s portrayal of him earned an Oscar nomination for Best Actor — and the murky role played by a Christian pastor in leading him to be put on trial.