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5-10 October

Episcopal siblings make history at St Paul's; a leak springs from a report on religious freedom; and how will the next Coronation reflect a changing religious landscape?

October 11 2018 


Sister joins brother in episcopal ranks in first for Anglican world

Bishop Kate Prowd and her brother Bishop Lindsay Urwin were consecrated almost 25 years apart but reached out across more than the years when history was made at St Paul’s Cathedral last Saturday.


PM stands by exemptions for religious schools in sex discrimination laws

Scott Morrison expresses support for the right of religious schools to discriminate against gay students as the Fairfax press reports on the contents of the Ruddock report on religious freedom nearly five months after it was handed to the Government.


How religion will divide the Liberals and inflame the Parliament

David Crowe, chief political correspondent for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, outlines the high stakes at play for the Morrison Government as it considers its response to the Ruddock report in the months leading up to the Federal election.


Asia Bibi awaits judgment on final Supreme Court appeal against ‘blasphemy’ death penalty

Pakistani Christian mother Asia Bibi has been in jail for more than nine years and has been sentenced to death under the country’s contentious blasphemy laws. The Anglican Communion News Service reports on her latest anxious wait to hear the result of her final appeal this week to Pakistan’s Supreme Court.


Church and state – an unhappy union?

The Coronation of King Charles III will be held against a religious backdrop almost unrecognisable from that in which his mother was crowned in 1953. Harriet Sherwood, in The Observer, explores the implications of the changes for the Church of England’s status as an Established church.


New priest finds the language to preach without words

The Revd Joy Ludlow doesn’t look like a priest from central casting but Perth’s diocesan monthly, the Messenger, discovers how the classically trained singer and daughter of two priests responds to the challenges – and rewards – of preaching the Good News to the deaf community.


A pastor pushes forward as a drought threatens his town and his church

The Revd Bernard Gabbott, Vicar of Wee Waa in northern NSW, has become a one-man support system for the earthly concerns of his community as well as a pastor of souls, The New York Times discovers in this photo-essay on the effects of severe drought in rural Australia.


Why Hillsong and ‘church planting’ appeal to Gen Z

Pentecostal and evangelical churches “tend to use the tools of popular culture and are well ahead of the curve in attracting young people”, a researcher tells Lisa Murray, who explores the counter-cultural attraction of these forms of Christianity in this piece for the Australian Financial Review.


Time to stand up

A former Anglican Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn, George Browning, says the Australian people, and especially people of faith, have to take the lead where politicians have failed in responding to the threats posed by climate change.


A Sonnet for St Francis

With the Feast of St Francis of Assisi having fallen in recent days, listen to Anglican priest and poet Malcolm Guite recite a sonnet he composed in honour of the saint  famous for his renunciation of riches and for his praise for God and God’s created order.