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1-7 March

Lambeth Palace hosts a celebration for 25 years of women's ordination in the C of E; a prominent Sydney Anglican reflects on the future of institutional Christianity after Cardinal George Pell's conviction for child sex abuse; and a former Bishop of London suggests Lenten fasting "cut both the carbohydrate and the carbon".

March 6 2019


Lent 2019

The Archbishop of Melbourne and Anglican Primate of Australia, Dr Philip Freier, offers some thoughts on the season of Lent this year.


Archbishop of Canterbury celebrates 25 years of women’s ordination in Church of England

A service was held on 1 March in the chapel of Lambeth Palace – the official London residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury – to celebrate 25 years of the ordination of women in the Church of England.


Q&A: A Church in Crisis

The panel on this week’s episode of the ABC’s Q&A discussed the implications of Cardinal George Pell’s conviction for child sex offences, and talked about the culture of clericalism in the Catholic Church, what difference it might make in combating abuse if there were more women in positions of influence in the church, and how Australian Catholics might come to terms with their shock and sorrow following the conviction. Watch it here.


Only hope for institutional Christianity lies in truth

Institutional Christianity - the "organised" part of "organised religion" - will only survive if it realises that it isn't in itself the true church but the servant of the true church, says Sydney Anglican rector Michael Jensen.


How the Church of England led the climate push on miner Glencore

The Church of England’s investment fund took the lead as part of the powerful Climate Action 100+ group of wealthy global investors in pushing Australia’s biggest miner, Glencore, to cap its coal production at current levels.


Victorian Archdeacon Donald Kirk announced as 11th Bishop of Riverina

The Rector of Hamilton in Victoria’s Western District, Archdeacon Donald Kirk, is heading north of the Murray to become the 11th Bishop of Riverina, succeeding English Bishop Rob Gillion. Bishop-elect Kirk is to be consecrated and enthroned in St Alban’s Cathedral Griffith on 15 June.


Birmingham diocese seeks to undo parish system

The pattern of a stipendiary minister for every parish has been deemed “no longer sustainable, fair, or a good fit” for Birmingham, the poorest diocese in England, writes Pat Ashworth in Church Times. In all, 44 per cent of its parishes are in the most deprived 10 per cent in the country, with 100 of Birmingham diocese’s 184 parishes described as “struggling”.


Episcopal bishops object to same-sex spouses’ disinvitation to 2020 Lambeth Conference

Three bishops from the Episcopal Diocese of New York have written an open letter to their clergy and parishioners to express their dismay at a request by the Archbishop of Canterbury that two gay bishops not bring their spouses to the Anglican Communion’s Lambeth Conference in July 2020.


Anglican and Roman Catholic Archbishops of Dublin appeal for return of The Crusader’s head

An ecumenical appeal for the return of the mummified head of an 800-year-old body known as “The Crusader” has been made by the Anglican and Roman Catholic Archbishops of Dublin.


Films broach the subject of faith in the 21st century

What people believe, and the creeds by which they live, is a source of fascination for many in the secular West. The subject of religion in the modern world has been exercising a number of filmmakers in recent times.


Why the world needs Lent

Lent offers an opportunity to restore a balance in life and to the world, writes former Bishop of London Richard Chartres in Church Times. As part of probably the last generation with the possibility of taking action that will mitigate the effects of environmental degradation, Christians who fast “should cut both the carbohydrate and the carbon”.