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1-7 February

Lessons are drawn from Black Saturday and the banking royal commission but one international study finds that religious people tend to be happier than those who don't worship regularly.

February 7 2019


Anglicans ‘lack confidence’ in speaking about faith: Church of England report

Most churchgoers in the Church of England have a “total lack of confidence” in speaking about faith “at all and with anyone”, according to a report for the C of E’s General Synod.


What has Australia learned from Black Saturday?

As Victorians mark the 10th anniversary of Black Saturday, they are warned not to expect that there will be no loss of lives and property in future massive blazes, but that they should expect it will be significantly less than Black Saturday.


Banks remain protected species

Unlike many other major institutions subject to royal commissions recently, including trade unions, churches and the aged care industry, banks are insulated from the most drastic government action, according to Emeritus Professor of Political Science at the Australian National University, John Warhurst.


Religious people are happier, study finds

People who follow a religion through active participation in congregations tend to be happier, according to a study conducted by Pew Research Centre, which compared the lives of religious people and non-religious people by analysing survey data from more than two dozen countries, including Australia.


Controversial evangelical preacher, Franklin Graham, set to tour Australia in father’s footsteps

Watch this Channel Nine report comparing Franklin Graham’s tour of Australia with his father Billy’s legendary crusade 60 years ago.


Victorian Government announces plan to ban gay conversion therapy

Premier Daniel Andrews denounces gay conversion therapy as “bigoted quackery” as he announces that it is to be banned in Victoria.


New $7.3 million Glebe residence planned for Anglican Archbishop of Sydney

The Sydney Morning Herald reports on plans before Sydney City Council for a new residence for future Anglican Archbishops of Sydney in inner-city Glebe.


Archbishop’s Task Group calls Anglican Communion to Season of Prayer & Repentance

The Anglican Communion is to be called to a week of prayer and repentance during the fifth week of Lent in 2020 in the lead-up to next year’s Lambeth Conference of the world’s Anglican bishops.


WCC pulls accompaniers from Hebron due to security concerns

The World Council of Churches' Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel is to remove Ecumenical Accompaniers from the Hebron area due to security concerns following alleged harassment by settlers and by Israeli soldiers.


New Registrar for Gippsland diocese

Mr Richard Connelly, Deputy Director of Professional Standards in Gippsland and an active member of the congregation at St Paul’s Warragul, is to be the new Registrar of the Gippsland diocese.