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Newsstand 1 - 7 October

Hopes for foreign aid boost in budget, serving communities as Melbourne slowly eases restrictions, how political should clergy get, CoE pledges action on child sexual abuse report, and more

October 7 2020


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Our world needs Australian generosity more than ever
Ahead of the release of the Morrison Government’s 2020 budget on Tuesday, Tearfund’s Matthew Maury appealed for Australia to offer the generosity it’s shown before to the world’s most poor and marginalised people, at a time when global poverty is set to increase for the first time in 30 years.


How clergy can better serve their communities
In this latest video from Anglican Media Melbourne, Fr John Sanderson, the priest-in-charge at St George's Peace Memorial Church in East Ivanhoe, speaks with community leaders about how clergy can better serve their communities. While these people are not church-goers or even necessarily Anglicans, their wisdom can teach us all lessons that can be applied across the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne and beyond as we slowly begin to emerge from this time of pandemic.


The Bigger Picture: Indigenous theologian Garry Deverell on grounded spirituality
What are the possibilities for a grounded spirituality, in the aftermath of colonisation? Indigenous theologian and Melbourne Anglican priest Garry Deverell joins Meredith Lake on ABC Radio National's Soul Search to discuss what some of the implications might be, even for non-Indigenous Australians. And we hear his reflections on the role of ritual, the possibility of reconciliation -- and his approach to decolonising theology. 


Archbishops of Canterbury and York pledge to act on UK child sexual abuse report
The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have reiterated their apologies for the Church of England’s record of safeguarding failures, in anticipation of the conclusion of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse this week. Since 2016, the Inquiry has been investigating the extent to which the Anglican Church (the C of E and the Church in Wales) failed to protect children under its care, respond to allegations of abuse, and provide adequate safeguarding policies and practices. 


God, plagues and pestilence – what history can teach us about living through a pandemic
The things we find hard to balance during COVID-19 – individual freedoms versus the group, accountability versus blame, science versus personal beliefs – are centuries old and deeply human.


With the 2020 US election approaching, how political can clergy get?
While some Episcopalians see political engagement — especially in a presidential election of unprecedented importance — as a moral imperative, others firmly believe in keeping religion out of politics and vice versa. That’s created a moral and legal quandary for some clergy as they wade through the swamp of social media: Exactly how political can they get? Do endorsements cross the line? And is it possible to separate their personal politics from their clerical role?


How faith shapes my politics. Not as much as you’d think
Leading US political commentator David Brooks reflects on his upbringing against a backdrop of biblical stories, his years as an atheist and his coming to faith in middle age when already in the public eye. "In a society that is growing radically more secular every day, I’d say we have more to fear from political dogmatism than religious dogmatism," he writes in this column for The New York Times. "We have more to fear from those who let their politics determine their faith practices and who turn their religious communities into political armies. We have more to fear from people who look to politics as a substitute for faith."


Rowan Williams interviews author Marilynne Robinson
The latest podcast from The Living Church, a US-based church magazine, is a two-part interview between author Marilynne Robinson and former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams about Jack, Robinson’s latest novel in the Gilead series. Robinson and Williams discuss what the novel opens up about race in American history, the nature of the human soul, and “the problem of good.”


Who are the Uyghur people and what is happening to them in China?
Jen Basham, Coordinator of the Anglican Church Southern Queensland’s Justice Unit, looks at the persecution and surveillance of the Uyghur in China and the response of faith leaders around the world, who call people of faith everywhere to join them “in prayer, solidarity and action to end these mass atrocities”.


ISCAST online conversations
Christians in Science and Technology (ISCAST) is running a series of free weekly online conversations until December. Topics include vaccinations, medical ethics, the economy during COVID, species triage and science as art.