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Newsstand 31 October to 7 November

The ABC's Australia Talks survey finds surprising agreement between believers and non-believers about religious discrimination; why the Melbourne Cup is losing its shine; get ready to shelter climate refugees, a bishop tells the C of E; and a newly-rediscovered link between Broome's Anglican church and St Paul's Cathedral, London.

November 7 2019

What Australians really think about religion

Annabel Crabb reports that Australian believers and non-believers have found common ground over religious discrimination, with 71 per cent of Australians telling the ABC's Australia Talks national survey that religious discrimination happens "occasionally" or "often" in this country.


Class and climate drive Melbourne Cup hostility

The growing contempt for the Melbourne Cup doesn't just reflect the social polarisation of contemporary Australia but a related shift in attitudes to nature, in the context of a planet on the brink of ecological meltdown, writes Jeff Sparrow for Eureka Street.


Prepare for climate refugees, C of E’s green advisers warn

A Church of England bishop says local churches can act as a catalyst in their community for carbon reduction initiatives and climate resilience strategies, as well as preparing to provide sanctuary in extreme weather events and for climate refugees from within and outside of the UK.


The future of faith is female

Listen to an all-female panel on ABC Radio National's God Forbid discuss how much say young women of faith have in their religious communities and society at large.


Women Who Do

Watch ABC TV's Compass profile Sydney-based Anglican Deaconess Ministries, which for 127 years has offered a way for women to get involved in leadership and outreach of the Anglican Church there and is now led by a former adviser to Julia Gillard.


Archbishop of Canterbury’s BBC Thought For The Day on mental health

Archbishop Justin Welby shares his own struggle with depression, and that of a family member, in this transcript issued by Lambeth Palace for his contribution to the BBC's Thought For The Day following Mental Illness Awareness Week in the UK.


World Vision tinkers with child sponsorship model that brought in millions

World Vision is "flipping the script" on child sponsorship, the US-based Religion News Service reports in an article republished from The Conversation. Instead of donors always getting to choose children, children are beginning to choose donors.


St Paul's Cathedral London shares a link with the church bell in pearling town of Broome

Broome's Anglican church is tiny compared to Sir Christopher Wren's masterpiece in London, but a carpenter working on the church in the WA pearling town found an intriguing link between the two houses of worship, Ben Collins reports for ABC Kimberley.


Show the Kurds that they are not forgotten

The Kurds have been promised an independent state of their own by the West for more than 100 years, writes Dr Simon Valentine in Church Times, but have been betrayed time after time. After Turkey's recent incursion, they need immediate help.


The overstated collapse of American Christianity

Evangelical Protestantism looks like a stronger alternative to secularism in the America of 2019 than the Roman Catholic Church of presidential candidate Joe Biden, Pope Francis and the author of this piece, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat.