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3-9 October

Senator warns of 'tribal fundamentalism'; listen to Michael Leunig and 'Church Times' cartoonist Dave Walker in conversation and to a Brotherhood of St Laurence podcast on the NDIS; author James Boyce on the dangers of the PM's Pentecostalism; and no surprise as to which hymn was the UK's favourite on a BBC 'Songs of Praise' special program.

October 9 2019 

Labor MP fears divide between religious and secular Australia

Senator Deborah O'Neill, a devout Roman Catholic and a proud member of the Australian Labor Party, sees a worrying divide between religious and non-religious Australians. As Parliament prepares to consider religious discrimination laws, she warns the country is in the grip of a “tribal fundamentalism”, where “artificial divisions” are established between different groups. She told The Age that this includes an “ascendancy of language around secularity” that is trying to silence the perspectives of people of faith.


Dave Walker and Michael Leunig on the art of cartooning

At the Greenbelt arts, faith and justice festival held in England in August, Dave Walker – whose cartoons appear regularly in The Melbourne Anglican – spoke to cartoonist Michael Leunig about the art, craft and pain of cartooning. “A cartoonist is pushing boundaries or trying to assert freedom of speech,” Leunig says. Listen to the full interview on the Church Times podcast.


NDIS: What’s working, what’s not? Part 1

More than 300,000 people around Australia receive services through the National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS. Another 160,000 need to be brought into the scheme. So what’s working and what’s not? Listen to this podcast from the Brotherhood of St Laurence. The panel discussion is led by Amanda Pagan, head of Inclusive Communities with the Brotherhood’s Research and Policy Centre.


Faith: Finding the blessings in adversity

“Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day,” the skipping girls used to sing as they jumped when I was a child, Barney Zwartz writes. As we emerge from a cold and sometimes damp winter, he has heard that sentiment often.


Bishop Sarah Mullally of London marks start of UK legal year in sermon at Westminster Abbey

London’s first female bishop tells Britain’s legal establishment at a time of political turmoil in the UK that justice in the Bible has less to do with the conviction of the guilty and more to do with the care of the innocent. 


Moral dangers of the PM's Pentecostalism

For most Pentecostals, the consequences of original sin are a problem only for those who have not yet been saved by Christ and thus remain subject to Satan's power, author James Boyce writes. Sanctified, rewarded, affirmed and uplifted, modern Pentecostal worship is a “feel good/are good” experience. “‘How good’ are you? In [Prime Minister Scott] Morrison's Horizons Church, they already know the answer. Praise God!”


New research shows pokie operators are not nearly as charitable as they claim

Charles Livingstone and Louise Francis from Monash University write that while gambling operators often seek to persuade governments and the public of their virtue by funding “good causes”, their research has found that clubs donate mostly to themselves, with operating expenses accounting for the vast majority of “community benefits”. “This is permitted under the regulations, but is strongly at odds with the claim that that clubs provide significant support to the community,” they write in this piece for The Conversation.


Archbishop of Canterbury tells Sabah meeting of Anglican Communion’s potential to transform the world

Archbishop Justin Welby tells the Anglican Primates, bishops, clergy and laity from provinces of East Asia – including Australia’s Primate, Archbishop Philip Freier of Melbourne – of his vision for the worldwide Anglican Communion “full of love for one another ... and changing, transforming the world around us in the power of Christ”. He made the comments during an address at the triennial Assembly of the Council of the Church in East Asia in Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, East Malaysia.


‘Jerusalem’ revealed as the UK’s favourite hymn on BBC Songs of Praise special

Voted for by tens of thousands of members of the public, ‘Jerusalem’ has been revealed as the UK’s favourite hymn in a special episode of Songs Of Praise.


Australia Talks National Survey reveals what Australians are most worried about

The Australia Talks National Survey has unlocked a fascinating insight into the Australian people: we have more faith in our own ability to deal with problems than we do in our country's — or indeed the world's.