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Newsstand 5 - 11 December

The Government makes 11 changes in the second draft of its Religious Discrimination Bill; a family from Iraq finds peace in the Arabic congregation at Holy Trinity Coburg; the Archbishop of Canterbury warns that he and the Pope want to serve the people of South Sudan and not reward 'political game-playing'; and Anglicans in England and NZ try different approaches to engage people with Advent and Christmas.

December 11 2019

Final draft of Religious Discrimination Bill released

A second and final draft of the Federal Government’s Religious Discrimination Bill has been released – making 11 changes to the first draft published in August – but it has failed to appease human rights and equality organisations, which have maintained their opposition to such proposed legislation. However, Sydney’s Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies – a critic of the original bill – has welcomed the new draft in his initial response.


Iraqi family finds joy at Holy Trinity Coburg

A family from war-stricken Iraq has found peace at the Arabic congregation at Holy Trinity Anglican Church Coburg, and was recently confirmed by Archbishop Philip Freier.


The New Anglican Century: One hundred female bishops

With the world’s 100th female Anglican bishop consecrated last weekend, Peter Sherlock writes that while the Anglican Communion remains divided on the acceptance of women in the episcopate, it has held together far better than many commentators thought possible in the 1980s when the admission of women bishops was first seriously contemplated (usually as a distant event).


National Council of Churches in Australia and Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce ‘deeply concerned’ at repeal of Medevac legislation

The National Council of Churches in Australia and the Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce have expressed their concern following the Federal Government’s decision to repeal the Medevac legislation.


Leading UK campaigner against gender violence joins Anglican Communion as Director for Gender Justice

The Co-Founder and Co-Director of Restored, a UK-based international charity working to end violence against women, Mandy Marshall, is to become the new Director for Gender Justice for the Anglican Communion. Ms Marshall previously worked as Program Development Adviser for Gender with Tearfund, a British Christian development agency established in the 1960 by the Evangelical Alliance.


Archbishop of Canterbury’s message to South Sudan Council of Churches

Archbishop Justin Welby reaffirms his and Pope Francis’ intention to visit South Sudan when a new Government is formed but warns: “We will do this when it serves the people and the Church of South Sudan and not to reward political game-playing.”


Church of England features real-life stars in Christmas advert

With dragons, talking carrots, and even a surprise comeback for ET all vying for centre stage in the annual festive advertising bonanza, the Church of England is putting real-life stars at the heart of its campaign to invite more people to church this Christmas.


New Zealand Anglicans draw kids closer to Christmas at the beach

Snowmen and Christmas trees have been replaced by floral and beach themed designs to help children and families engage with Advent across the Anglican parishes of New Zealand.


Retired Norway bishop risks jail over principles

An 84-year-old former bishop of Oslo, Gunnar Stålsett, was ordered to appear in court because he illegally employed a woman from Eritrea who’d been denied asylum and wound up as an undocumented and rejected refugee.


Peter Singer on why we don't help the global poor and why we should

Charlie Camosy, Professor of Theological and Social Ethics at Fordham University, the Jesuit-led university of New York, talks to his Australian friend, bioethicist and committed atheist Peter Singer about humanity’s moral duties and obligations in light of profound global poverty.