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Newsstand 6 - 12 May

Sydney elects new Archbishop, hits and misses from the Federal Budget, CoE considers removing slavery monuments, Israel-Palestine aggression flares again, in praise of evensong, and more....

May 12 2021


Dean Kanishka Raffel elected Archbishop of Sydney

The Dean of Sydney, the Very Reverend Kanishka Raffel, has been elected as Archbishop of Sydney, the first person from a non-European background to hold the position. He’s the 13th leader of the Anglican Church in Sydney since Bishop William Grant Broughton was appointed in 1836 and succeeds Dr Glenn Davies, who retired in March.


Sydney’s almost unnoticed Archbishop-elect: The challenges facing Kanishka Raffel and the Anglican Church 

Archbishop-elect Kanishka Raffel comes to office amidst indifference about Sydney Anglicanism, writes the Revd Dr Michael Jensen, Rector of St Mark’s Darling Point and one of his nominators for the office of archbishop. “With a Pentecostal Prime Minister, much media coverage of religion in the past three years has centred on Pentecostalism as the fastest growing, and increasingly influential, Christian movement in Australia … Sydney Anglicanism is old news: the usual media criticism of Sydney Anglicans … has morphed into indifference.”


Federal Budget hits right tone but misses opportunities on rental affordability, social housing: BSL

The Federal Budget includes welcome funding for mental health and family violence as part of the road to recovery but misses key opportunities to address social housing and rental affordability, Anglicare Victoria CEO Paul McDonald says. But he also called on the government to develop a national rental affordability strategy, as rents drift out of reach of many ordinary Australians.


Anglicans join other faith leaders in global call for an end to ‘vaccine nationalism’

Prominent Anglicans have added their names to a letter written by faith leaders around the world calling for an increase in the production of COVID vaccines, and an end to vaccine nationalism. They are among almost 150 religious leaders who have signed the letter asking leaders at next month’s G7 meeting for a commitment to take all the necessary steps to ensure a global program of vaccination is undertaken as “a global common good”. “The access of people to life-saving COVID-19 vaccines cannot be dependent on people’s wealth, status, or nationality,” the letter says. 


Australian Muslims prepare to celebrate Eid after a month of Ramadan fasting

Australia's 600,000 Muslims are celebrating the end of the holy month of Ramadan this week, with Eid Al-Fitr meaning lots of food, fashion and fun. The Eid holiday marks the end of a full month of fasting and is celebrated on the first new moon after the start of Ramadan, meaning the date it falls on each year fluctuates. The Australian National Imams Council this month announced the last day of Ramadan would be on Wednesday 12 May, with Eid Al-Fitr on Thursday.


Church of England to consider removing or altering slavery monuments

The Church of England is to review thousands of monuments in churches and cathedrals that contain historical references to slavery and colonialism, with some expected to be removed. An anti-racism taskforce set up by the archbishops of Canterbury and York last month urged the C of E to take decisive steps to address the legacy of its involvement in the slave trade. It said: “We do not want to unconditionally celebrate or commemorate people who contributed to or benefited from the tragedy that was the slave trade.”


Roebourne's Holy Trinity Church, the oldest church in WA's north-west, celebrates 125 years

The historic Holy Trinity Church in Roebourne — transformed last year after decades of neglect — has turned 125, with more than 50 people attending celebrations to mark the milestone. Some travelled more than 1600 kilometres to celebrate the anniversary of the oldest church in north-west WA.


Israel-Palestinians: Old grievances fuel new fighting

The latest round of violence between Israelis and Palestinians is happening because the long and unresolved conflict between the two sides has once again been left to fester. It is an open wound in the heart of the Middle East and it is why violent face-to-face confrontations have escalated into rocket-firing, air strikes and death, writes the BBC’s Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen.


Localised ordination programs open doors to ministry for nontraditional clergy candidates in USA

Increasingly, American dioceses are turning to local programs and Anglican partners to train leaders who feel called to ordained ministry and for whom ordination might not otherwise be an option, whether that’s due to time or financial constraints or family commitments.


In praise of evensong — more than an act of personal devotion

Choral evensong can be seen as part of a momentum of pilgrimage and a monastic way of prayer. Not only did evensong evolve from the monastic pattern of daily prayer; it continues to offer a stable, reliable and regular pattern of daily worship.