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11 - 17 April

Meditations for Holy Week; Church of England Bishop in Europe welcomes Brexit extension; and novelist Marilynne Robinson and theologian Rowan Williams in conversation.

April 17 2019


Archbishop Freier's Easter Message

This Easter, Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne and Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia Philip Freier asks us to remember that even in moments of calamity and human failure, Christ offers salvation to all.


Easter messages from leaders of Christian churches in Australia

Australia's church leaders have shared their reflections on Easter.


Will you draw near? Ten meditations for Holy Week

Holy Week holds out an invitation to all who will hear it: perhaps not to a mere drama, but to a Passion to end all dramas; not to a story of justice and deserts, but to a story of divine love so exquisite as to exceed and upturn all justice as we know it; not to a theological conundrum to be solved, but to a dangerous and life-threatening journey – a journey of pain, death, discovery and new Life.


How to avoid Holy Week blundering

A Church of England priest who is head teacher of a Jewish community school in London says Judaism and Christianity are at their closest and at their furthest apart during Holy Week and Easter. “Those of us preaching over the season have an opportunity and a responsibility to challenge narratives, and to be part of the solution rather than the problem,” he writes in Church Times.


Notre Dame, long a symbol of Catholicism in Europe, becomes a picture of its collapse

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is as much a symbol of the recent history of the Roman Catholic Church in Europe as it once was a symbol of the Church’s power and cultural supremacy, writes American Jesuit priest Thomas Reese. The church had been in disrepair for decades. Calls for its restoration went mostly ignored until too late. Now that it is in ashes, people weep for its loss – but much more has been lost than a building.


Cross and kingdom: Putting the Christian story together again

All four gospels are concerned with telling the story of how God became king, in and through the story of Jesus of Nazareth – a story which has the kingdom and the cross as its main coordinates, writes theologian N.T. Wright.


Scott Morrison’s liberal secularism: is it a good or a bad idea?

Paul Tyson, a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the University of Queensland, asks: what does Scott Morrison's politics tell us about the relationship between faith and power?


Pope Francis kisses the feet of South Sudan’s leaders at conclusion of ecumenical retreat

An ecumenical spiritual retreat led by the Archbishop of Canterbury and Pope Francis at the Vatican has ended with the Pope kissing the feet of South Sudan’s political leaders. The unprecedented two-day retreat was organised in an effort to support the country’s fragile peace deal after six years of civil war in the world’s newest country.


Brexit extension welcomed with relief

The leader of the Church of England’s Diocese in Europe, Bishop Robert Innes, has welcomed the Brexit extension granted to the UK last week by European Union leaders, saying that “a damaging no-deal outcome appears to be receding”. The Brussels-based Bishop looks after C of E’s 42nd and most extensive diocese – covering almost 300 congregations in more than 40 countries across Europe plus Turkey, Morocco and Russia – as well as representing the Archbishop of Canterbury at EU institutions.


Faith, imagination, and the glory of ordinary life

This conversation between novelist Marilynne Robinson and theologian Rowan Williams, which took place as part of a conference in the US on the theological significance of Robinson’s work, explores how imaginative work, particularly fiction, provides insight into the divine, how the church can be more open to the transformative powers of the arts, and how to give more attention and value to “ordinariness”.


How to buy ethical chocolate eggs this Easter

Will the Easter eggs you give this year be ethical? Fairtrade or other ethical certifications are a credible assurance that chocolate producers receive fair terms of trade and fair prices for their cocoa. They also ensure that a series of legitimate steps have been taken to improve working conditions across a supply chain on a global scale. Here’s a guide to help you make sure that the eggs you buy are ethical.