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12 - 18 September

Primate calls for prayers for bushfire devastated Queensland and New South Wales; Archbishop of Canterbury offers apology for British massacre; religion as a 'wellness tool'; Malaysia bans joint prayers between faiths; and is 'green consumerism' part of the problem?

September 18 2019


A prayer as fires blaze

With bushfires ravaging large swathes of Queensland and New South Wales over the past week in an unprecedentedly early fire season, Dr Philip Freier, Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne and the Anglican Primate of Australia, has asked for prayers for communities affected.


Religious schools should be allowed to deny the ‘new’ gender identity of students, expert says

Religious schools should be free to not accept the “new” gender identity of a child who wants to transition, a family law expert who has worked as a federal government adviser says.


Justin Welby prostrates himself in apology for British massacre at Amritsar

The Archbishop of Canterbury has apologised “in the name of Christ” for the 1919 massacre at Amritsar in India, when hundreds of people were shot dead by British forces.


For anxious young adults, religion can be a wellness tool, says new study

A new study by a Christian research firm has found that faith can be an asset when dealing with mental health concerns.


‘Ecumenism: is it still on?’ WCC general secretary addresses global peace conference

“… honest self-reflection obliges us to ask: are ecumenism and the ecumenical movement a spent force from a bygone era, or do they have something relevant, even essential, to offer the world today?”, World Council of Churches general secretary the Revd Dr Olav Fykse Tveit asked as part of his address to the “Peace with no borders” conference in Spain this week.


Hopeful signs for change in Sudan meet with cautious pessimism

The appointment of a Christian woman to the council overseeing transition to civilian rule in Sudan is a hopeful sign, but some persecution-weary Christians are less than optimistic about prospects for improved religious rights.


Christmas for kids, with a bit of anarchy thrown in

Celebrated author and publisher Susannah McFarlane, who is a member of Melbourne’s Oaktree Anglican Church, has written the children’s picture book Who? What? Why? How? Christmas, which tells the story of the radical reality of Jesus’ birth.


Malaysian Government ban on joint prayers could increase discrimination between different faiths

A new directive from Malaysia’s Department of Islamic Development barring Muslims and non-Muslims from praying together has been criticised by the Anglican Archbishop of South East Asia, Ng Moon Hing.


Green consumerism is part of the problem

With climate change an ever-looming anxiety, whole industries have sprung up dedicated to help alleviate the stress. Tote bags. Metal straws. Existing companies are trying their best too. All of this looks great on the surface, but it doesn't help the underlying issue: We are still buying way too much stuff.


What’s your calling?

“For me, meeting God in Jesus has transformed my life. It’s transformed everything. There’s a sense of completion,” writes English priest the Revd Gail Rogers in this reflective piece on the Church of England’s website.