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15 -21 February

Catholics look to LGBTI faithful, Leifer denied bail in Israel, one long Confirmation trip, and Nigeria's Christians kingmakers in election

February 21 2019


Palestinian Christian Areej Masoud speaks at Melbourne Synod 2018

At last year's Melbourne Anglican Synod, Palestinian Christian Areej Masoud was invited to speak for 15 minutes on her life in the West Bank. You can watch the full address here.


Melbourne Catholic Archbishop enlists LGBTI faithful as church tries to reset

Melbourne Catholic Archbishop Peter Comensoli has enlisted the LGBTI community to help the church set a new direction after years of scandal and internal unrest.


Malka Leifer, Victorian Jewish school principal accused of abusing students, refused bail in Israel

An Israeli court has denied bail to former Melbourne school principal and accused paedophile Malka Leifer, who is fighting extradition to Australia on charges she sexually abused girls at the orthodox Adass Israel school. See why here.


Same-sex spouses not invited to next year’s Lambeth Conference of bishops

Same-sex partners of Bishops are not invited to attend the 2020 Lambeth Conference, the Episcopal News Service reports. The Anglican Communion’s General Secretary wrote that invitations had been sent to every active bishop, but “the invitation process has also needed to take account of the Anglican Communion’s position on marriage”. Read some of the reactions here.


Bishop’s 8,000 mile trip for Confirmation in world’s most southerly Anglican cathedral

Three people were confirmed this week in the most southerly cathedral in the Anglican Communion – but the cathedral’s bishop had to travel some 8000 miles from his office for the service. Do you know where the Cathedral is?


Pope's credibility 'on the line' as Vatican convenes global meeting on combating child abuse by clergy

Victims of clerical sex abuse have warned Pope Francis that his credibility is on the line as he confronts the biggest challenge of his papacy with a landmark conference beginning Thursday on how to protect children from rape and molestation.


Franklin Graham walks in his father's footsteps - and Trump's shadow

Franklin Graham will be preaching precisely the same message, he says, as his famous father Billy Graham did on his legendary Australian crusade 60 years ago. But Barney Zwartz writes that there are fascinating contrasts today in both the nation and the evangelist.


In Nigeria’s tight election, Christian vote is seen as key

Frustrated by lack of progress in dealing with terrorist group Boko Haram and violence between Fulani herders and land owners, Nigeria’s Christians are likely to be key in choosing between two Muslim Presidential candidates in an election that has now been delayed until 23 February. Rodney Muhumuza breaks down how faith plays an important role in the secular democracy.


Evolution, providence and the Trinity: From natural cooperation to natural theology

Evolutionary theory posed profound problems for Christian theism - so  profound as to cause many to see Darwinism as a "defeater" of Christian belief. But can we envisage a coherent relation between a good, providential deity and the unfolding created process, asks British theologian Sarah Coakley.


Love Heals, not hurts

The World Council of Churches (WCC) has released a video that highlights reflections from across the globe on how love heals, not hurts. The short film is part of a special WCC campaign addressing abuse and violence in “loving” relationships.


Is there really such a thing as the "Judeo-Christian tradition"?

Philip C Almond looks at whether what we call today Judeo-Christian tradition really has historical roots or if it’s a modern term that masks historical western anti-Semitism.