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Newsstand 17 - 23 October

Coverage of the Melbourne Anglican Synod; responses to the Archbishop of Sydney's Synod charge; disability and the priesthood; and the Catholic Church looks towards science.

October 23 2019


Anglican Church called to respond to role in 'apocalypse' and transform relationships with Indigenous people

The Anglican Church was culpable in what was "nothing short of an apocalypse" for the people of the Kulin nation in the early colonial history of what is now Melbourne, the Aboriginal vicar of a Melbourne parish told the Diocesan Synod on 17 October.


Melbourne Synod expresses 'sorrow' at Wangaratta's decision to bless same-sex marriages

Melbourne Synod has expressed sorrow at the Wangaratta diocese's decision to approve a form of blessing for married same-sex couples.

Synod also welcomed the formation of the Church of Confessing Anglicans Aotearoa/New Zealand for members of 12 congregations who left the Anglican Church of Aotearoa NZ and Polynesia, which is in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Church of Australia, over its decision to allow the blessing of same-sex marriages and civil unions.


Sydney Archbishop says Anglican Church 'in a crisis' over sexuality and marriage

Sydney's Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies has declared the church is in "crisis" over same-sex marriage, triggering a war of words with the country's most senior Anglican and fuelling talk of a historic split in the faith of three million Australians.

In response the Archbishop of Melbourne Philip Freier - the country's most senior bishop - cautioned that crisis was "a strong word", and in a significant departure from Dr Davies' language described same-sex marriage as a "social issue" and a matter of conscience.


'Please leave': Why the Sydney Archbishop's same-sex marriage message has Anglicans rattled

Andrew West, presenter of The Religion & Ethics Report on ABC Radio National, examines the fallout from Archbishop Glenn Davies’ last Presidential Address to Sydney’s Synod last week.


Bishop’s Sunday ‘selfie’ posts aim to challenge popular image of empty churches

John Roundhill, Bishop of the Southern Region of the Anglican Church in Southern Queensland, hopes to reshape the way people see churches through his Sunday “selfie” posts on social media.

“Sunday by Sunday, I hope I am helping to reimage the way people see our churches,” he said.


The book of the people

Over the centuries, the Bible has seeped into our language, our stories, our imaginations, and even what we value. Today in the West, it might be the most neglected of our treasures.

The latest episode of the Centre for Public Christianity’s Life & Faith asks: What is the Bible? What has its influence been? Why is it an important book for everyone to know? And what might a personal encounter with this very ancient and surprisingly modern book be like?


The gifts of being a priest with a disability

In some ways to be a priest with a disability is to be at a strange advantage, writes Fr Justin Glyn SJ in Eureka Street. We tend to think about priesthood as a gift and a calling — and so it is. It is not, however, about merit. Instead, the priesthood is a call to enter the hurts and joys of other people's lives from a position of weakness, not strength. We share the sacraments as equals. Those of us with a disability are well aware of our weakness, our limits. We know that the call to salvation in Christ is not a call to perfection as an individual. Instead, it is a call to meet other people's vulnerability with our own, to empower others by finding strength in togetherness and letting the wounded Christ shine through our powerlessness so all can live in him.


Pope Francis and the Catholic church continue to look towards science, and that can only be a good thing

By aligning the papal agenda more closely with what science tells us, what impact does Pope Francis have on how people of faith engage with and appreciate science?


Bendigo couple Drew Reid and Father Noel Richards celebrate first same-sex church wedding in Bendigo

An Anglican priest from Bendigo and his partner became the first same-sex couple to be married in a church in the city when they exchanged vows at St Andrew's Uniting Church in Bendigo last weekend, the Bendigo Advertiser has reported.


Faith: Stop, think and walk a way in another's shoes

Melbourne writer Barbara Curzon-Siggers recalls her committed Anglican father’s engagement with the works of Hannah Arendt, the daughter of Prussian Jews who fled Nazi Germany and later covered the Eichmann trial for The New York Times, published in book form as Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil.