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Newsstand 19 July - 26 July

Trump shockwaves continue; tackling clergy narcissism; and Archbishop of Canterbury seeks answers to the needs of disabled worshippers.

July 27 2018

Franklin Graham is coming to Australia: Here's why I won't be attending

Evangelical scholar the Revd Dr Michael Bird, Academic Dean and Lecturer in Theology at Ridley College in Parkville, accuses the son of the late US evangelist Billy Graham of “idolatrous devotion” to President Donald Trump to explain why he won’t be in the audience on Franklin Graham’s 2019 Australian tour.

Helsinki was… clarifying

Jesus did not embody or endorse the strongman style of leadership championed and admired by Donald Trump, says Sojourners President Jim Wallis in this critique of the US President’s recent meeting in Helsinki with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talks to the ABC’s Andrew West about the challenges to religious freedom

Secretary Pompeo, who is hosting representatives of 80 countries – including Australia – at a Washington DC summit on threats to religious freedom, tells ABC Radio National’s Religion and Ethics Report that religious liberty is a central pillar of American foreign policy.

Why Australians’ religious freedom is worth protecting

Dr Denis Dragovic, an Honorary Senior Fellow at Melbourne University, says religious freedom has been strongly aligned with less militarisation and conflict, higher socio-economic status for women, improved economic outcomes and better health for all. In this piece for The Conversation, he argues that Australia needs to consider carefully the possible consequences of losing religion from the public square.

Video: Tasmania's Anglican Church to sell off scores of properties

Watch ABC TV’s 7.30 program explore Bishop Richard Condie’s contentious proposal to sell more than 70 churches across Tasmania, with some of the money raised to help pay compensation to survivors of child sexual abuse. Dr Condie and people in affected communities have their say.

Violence flashes around new GAFCON leader

Nigerian Archbishop Ben Kwashi, who is to succeed former Archbishop of Sydney Peter Jensen as Secretary of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) in early 2019, was confronted by violence on his return from GAFCON’s recent 10th anniversary gathering in Jerusalem. Read a report on Archbishop Kwashi’s homecoming from Russell Powell of Anglican Media Sydney.

Bishop John Parkes’ Presidential Address to Wangaratta’s Synod

The Wangaratta diocese has posted the text of Bishop Parkes’ address to Synod last month, covering topics ranging from aged care and schools to child sexual abuse, same-sex marriage and an apology to LGBTI people.

Church leaders unite behind vision for ‘one people, one nation and one South Sudan’

South Sudan’s Church leaders, including Anglican Primate Archbishop Justin Badi Arama, meet in Nairobi and call on their country’s political leaders “to shun tribalism and all kinds of fragmentation that inhibit from attaining true nationalism, durable unity and working together for comprehensive peace and genuine reconciliation”, the Anglican Communion News Service reports.

Church of England considers psychometric tests as experts raise fears about clergy narcissism 

Olivia Rudgard in Britain’s Telegraph newspaper reports that the Church of England is considering personality tests for trainee clergy amid fears it appoints too many narcissists. New tests set to be considered by bishops next year could also measure how well a trainee copes with stress and being in a position of authority. A recent North American study concluded that more than 30 per cent of ministers in a mainstream Protestant church in Canada met the criteria for a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. 

Archbishop of Canterbury hosts disability conference at Lambeth Palace

Archbishop Justin Welby – in conjunction with a disability charity he chairs, Livability – opens his London residence Lambeth Palace to explore how disabled people can participate fully in the life of the Church. You may watch three short films shown at the conference, read about and see photos of the gathering and access free resources.