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Newsstand 20 - 26 August

Long-serving diocesan leader Ken Spackman resigns; Sydney Archbishop's vaccine concerns; Turkey converts another Istanbul church into a mosque; why more Australians are praying during COVID-19; how to reduce waste in your home, and more...

August 26 2020

The September edition of The Melbourne Anglican (TMA) will be posted to parishes and subscribers, and published online, early next week. You can find the latest editions of TMA here.


Ken Spackman resigns after 12 years with diocese

Mr Ken Spackman has resigned after 12 years in some of the most senior roles in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, including most recently as CEO of the Melbourne Anglican Diocese Corporation.


Anglican Archbishop threatens boycott of Oxford vaccine over use of fetal cells

One of Australia's most senior religious leaders has warned he would likely boycott a coronavirus vaccine being developed by Oxford University over the use of historic fetal tissue in developing the immunisation. Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Glenn Davies is concerned scientists are using cell lines from an electively aborted foetus, a common practice in medical research.


The meaning of life: Australians praying more during COVID-19

Churches may have closed their doors, but more Australians are opening their minds to spirituality and prayer. Researchers have found Australians say they have been praying more during the COVID-19 crisis, suggesting the pandemic has led many to reassess their priorities in life.


House rules should favour cooperation over competition in a crisis 

Fostering an attitude of cooperation rather than competitiveness, right from childhood, would help strengthen society to face the many challenges ahead, Mark Delaney writes for TMA.


The gift of patience

“The scriptures have a lot to say about waiting,” writes the Revd Dr Colleen O’Reilly. “The psalmist calls out ‘how long’ almost more often than any other prayer. At times, it can seem that God is just far off or even indifferent to our circumstances, but as I often say, feelings are not facts.”


NCCA call for further prayer and fasting

The National Council of Churches Australia is encouraging Christians to set aside 26-27 September as a special time of national prayer regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Turkey converts another former Istanbul church into a mosque

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has ordered another ancient Orthodox Church that became a mosque and then a popular Istanbul museum to be turned back into a Muslim place of worship. The decision to transform the Kariye Museum into a mosque came just a month after a similarly controversial conversion for the UNESCO World Heritage-recognised Hagia Sophia.


Your church and the Season of Creation

Common Grace has launched its latest Season of Creation campaign, with this year’s theme being “Jubilee for the Earth”, which Common Grace says  is rooted in the holy wisdom that there must exist a just and sustainable balance between social, economic and ecological realities.


‘A Bounded Life’: embracing the local in a post-COVID world

We often hear the term “glocal”, encouraging us to “think globally, act locally”, or suggesting that the global and local are just as important as each other, but this pandemic season has highlighted the primary significance and value of the local, writes Karina Kreminiski for Ethos.


Living the Change Webinar 2: Reducing Waste

The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change is preparing for the second of its webinar series, this time on reducing waste in the home, which will take place on 2 September.