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21-27 March

The reverberations of the Christchurch terror attack on Muslims continue; Anglican women's network seeks to educate potential Church leaders about just relationships between males and females; and World Vision Australia's CEO Claire Rogers on her visit to southern Africa after Cyclone Idai.

March 27 2019



Victoria opens the way for secular or atheist school chaplains

The Victorian government has conceded that school chaplains can be of “any faith or no faith” as part of a settlement to a landmark legal challenge that could open the way to secular or atheist chaplains.


Everyone knows something is broken but no one knows how to fix it

Chris Uhlmann, Political Editor for Nine News, writes that the story of the past decade in Australia is one of a loss of faith in many of the institutions that anchored our society – with “the painfully slow death of the Christian God” the most profound loss.


How should Christians respond to the Christchurch mosque massacre?

Eleven evangelical experts offer their thoughts on how Christians should respond to the brutal attacks on Muslims worshipping in two mosques in Christchurch on 15 March.


You can't copy love: why other politicians fall short of Jacinda Ardern

While love on its own leads us nowhere, a restorative politics is not complete without it being permeated by a deeply felt love, a love that can cross rather than erect cultural boundaries and that can heal rather than entrench divisions.


Independent entity for complaints, screening, training and redress management goes online

Kooyoora Ltd, an independent, not-for-profit company established by the Dioceses of Melbourne and Bendigo in 2017 during the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, is now online. Its new website provides information about Kooyoora’s role, governance and relationship to the Anglican Church.


Theologians compile resource to help ordinands and seminarians learn about gender justice

A new educational resource to help Anglican theological colleges, seminaries and training programs teach about just relationships between males and females is being developed by the International Anglican Women’s Network.


Space for the sacred

Philosopher and theologian John Milbank talks to the Centre for Public Christianity’s Simon Smart about secularism, politics, Harry Potter and how Christianity is surprising.


After the storm: Claire Rogers visits Beira, Mozambique

Cyclone Idai has been described as the worst weather-related disaster to hit southern Africa. Aid agencies including World Vision are working round the clock to deliver aid, with some communities only accessible by plane or helicopter. World Vision Australia CEO Claire Rogers, a member of St Jude’s Carlton, writes about her visit to the region.


UK bishop concerned over asylum official’s ‘profound misunderstanding’ of the Bible

A “reasons for refusal” letter sent by an official in Britain’s Home Office to an asylum seeker showed a “profound misunderstanding” of biblical texts, the Bishop of Durham, Paul Butler, said.


Reactionary extremists are co-opting religion

The relationship between faith and the growing voices of extremist, populist and racist conflict is complicated, and the part that religion is playing in reactionary movements around the world needs unpacking.