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23 - 29 May

Scott Morrison's beliefs are explored as the PM is sworn in for a new term of office; how Labor's neglect of its relationships with people of faith came back to bite it; and the BBC gives a sobering report on Iraq's dwindling Christian presence.

May 29 2019


Five aspects of Pentecostalism that shed light on Scott Morrison’s politics

What are the key aspects of Pentecostal belief that will likely shape Morrison’s actions as a re-elected Prime Minister commanding huge authority in his party?


How religious voters lost faith in Labor: Lessons from the 2019 federal election

At the Federal Election, Labor missed an extraordinary opportunity to build relationships with religious communities — relationships that have been neglected ever since Kevin Rudd won the 2007 federal election — writes the ABC Religion and Ethics report’s Andrew West.


Finding faith in fiction

Recently one of Australia's best-known poets, Les Murray, passed away. Murray grew up in a Presbyterian household but converted to Roman Catholicism later in life. His Christian convictions — though not overt — are scattered throughout his poetry. Listen to this panel discussion about how his faith influenced his writing.


PNG school honouring WWII Anglican martyrs badly damaged by fire

Fire has razed a two-storey dormitory and staff house at a school in Papua New Guinea that honours the Anglican martyrs of PNG from World War II. School chaplain Fr Richard Sawaraba’s daughter was rescued from the fire at Martyrs Memorial Secondary School, near Popondetta, but the chaplain and his family lost all their belongings. The school is named after 12 Anglicans – priests, nurses, teachers, evangelists and a builder, four of whom were women – who died during the Japanese invasion and occupation of PNG in 1942-43.


Iraq's Christians ‘close to extinction’

Watch and read this BBC report on the plight of Iraq’s vanishing Christian population.


Bishop Richard Treloar’s first President’s Address to Gippsland’s Synod

Bishop Richard Treloar, formerly Vicar of Christ Church South Yarra, gives his first President’s Address to his diocesan synod as Bishop of Gippsland, covering issues such as safe ministry, sexuality, climate change and the contributions of older Australians. You can read it here.


Evangelism shouldn’t ignore the Kingdom

Former Bishop of Durham Tom Wright, now Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews, contemplates what he callsthe remarkable success” of Thy Kingdom Come, a season of prayer between Ascension Day and Pentecost, which begins this year on 30 May.


Vital role for African church leaders in wiping out malaria

The Anglican Church in Africa is a “unique, trusted network” that has a vital and strategic goal to play in the elimination of malaria on the continent, say health researchers who are encouraging the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa to take up the fight. 


India’s Prime Minister Modi pursues politics of Hindu nationalism – what does that mean?

Hindu nationalism has been on the rise under Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi, who won his second landslide victory on May 23. But in a country with a constitutional commitment to secularism, what is Modi’s stewardship likely to hold for a culturally and religiously diverse nation?


Deadly Jakarta Riots Revive Fears of Sectarian Violence

Riots throughout Jakarta in the wake of President Jokowi’s win over arch-rival Prabowo Subianto, who courted the conservative Muslim vote, is putting the national motto “unity in diversity” to the test.