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Newsstand 22-29 July

Anglicare steps up COVID-19 response, Melbourne Anglican recognised by Rotary, Welby's handling of abuse case under investigation, priests and protesting, and thinking about senior ministry

July 29 2020

The August edition of The Melbourne Anglican (TMA) has been posted to parishes and subscribers, and is also available in various formats for reading online and printing. Please click here. The Prayer Diary can be found within TMA and also in a print-friendly version here.


Anglicare Victoria to recruit new positions to help more people during COVID-19

Anglicare Victoria is to recruit a state-wide network of new staff to assist its efforts to support at-risk families and individuals who are struggling during the global coronavirus pandemic.


An online concert for bushfire-affected communities

Celtic folk music trio Liminality will perform at St Paul’s Cathedral, Sale this Saturday 1 August to raise funds to support Gippsland communities affected by last summer’s bushfires. The performance, which is being hosted by the Gippsland Diocese, will be livestreamed.


Melbourne Anglican’s global Rotary award

Ian Knight, a parishioner at the Anglican Parish of the Parks in Albert Park, has been given the highest possible global recognition from Rotary International by receiving a Service Above Self award – one of only 150 given out worldwide each year. And, given Mr Knight’s achievements in Rotary, Service Above Self is an apt name for the award.


Cross-country move looms for new Bishop of Rockhampton 

The Very Revd Peter Grice, Dean of Geraldton in Western Australia, has been elected 13th Bishop of Rockhampton and is due to be consecrated and installed as leader of his Central Queensland diocese in early 2021. The Newcastle-born bishop-elect, who has five children with his wife Virginia, was ordained for the northern NSW Diocese of Armidale nearly 20 years ago and in January 2015 moved to the Diocese of North West Australia -- the country's biggest by area -- where he has also served as Vicar-General. His interests include sport, travel (pre-COVID-19), maritime history, reading, amateur farming and music. 


Safeguarding body considers complaint against Archbishop of Canterbury 

The Church of England's National Safeguarding Team is investigating Archbishop Justin Welby's handling of allegations against John Smyth, the Evangelical leader accused of savagely beating boys and young men, who died in South Africa in 2018 before he could be returned to the UK for questioning. 


Protest songs

In many churches worship has been depoliticised, not least by replacing the Psalter with polite and deferential hymns, scrubbing references to the oppressed, oppression, and God’s anger at those who abuse the weak, writes Peter J. Leithart is president of the Theopolis Institute for Biblical, Liturgical and Cultural Studies in Birmingham, Alabama. Worship needs to be politicised, but that’s best done, not by hitching the liturgy to every passing bandwagon, but by learning to sing the church’s original protest songs — all 150 of them.


Chaplains provide spiritual care for activists across the United States 

As fewer people identify with a specific religion or attend religious services, Americans may be more likely to meet a chaplain than a local clergy person at a congregation. In recent years, movement chaplains have become more visible in protests for immigrant rights, at rallies against white nationalist groups and in demonstrations supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Here, the Episcopal News Services takes a deeper look at their role in the modern American landscape. 


We may grieve for the world, but we must have hope

Lament may be a worthy way point at which to rest, but it is not a fit place to reside, writes Dr Mark Burton, former Assistant Bishop of Perth and Dean of Melbourne, in response to a piece by Bishop N.T. Wright published in Time in March.


Where have all the senior ministers gone?

“Recent stories by Bishop Peter Lin and others about the shortage of Anglican rectors – senior ministers in charge of a church – in the Sydney Diocese (region) produced a mixture of emotions in me,” Luke Collings writes for Eternity. “On the one hand, it is very encouraging to see this issue receiving public consideration in a careful and godly manner. However, in my view, much of the discussion does not go beyond the proximate causes of the clergy shortage to address the root causes and factors which have brought the Sydney Diocese to this situation.”


Clewer Initiative launches app designed to help tackle labour exploitation on British farms

A new app designed to help tackle labour exploitation and modern slavery in the farming, horticulture and food production sectors has been launched by the Church of England’s modern slavery initiative. The Farm Work Welfare App will provide information on employment rights in eight languages and is aimed at the thousands of workers who come every year to help with the harvest of fruit and vegetables on UK farms.