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17-31 January

One former archbishop who resigned over his handling of child sexual abuse dies, another comes under investigation, while a Pakistani Christian woman's acquittal is upheld by that country's highest court.

January 31 2019


Former Perth Anglican Archbishop Roger Herft could be ‘de-frocked’ amid royal commission into child abuse findings

Complaints about the conduct of Bishop Roger Herft when he was Bishop of Newcastle from 1993-2005 are being investigated by the Anglican Church’s Episcopal Standards Commission, The West Australian newspaper reports. The conduct of Bishop Herft and other Newcastle Church leaders was examined by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Case Study 42, published in November 2017.


Controversial former Archbishop of Adelaide Ian George dies, aged 84

Dr Ian George, who resigned as Archbishop of Adelaide in 2004 following pressure to quit over his handling of child sex abuse cases, dies in Melbourne, where he had lived since/ Adelaide Diocesan Administrator and assistant Bishop Tim Harris  pays tribute to the former archbishop in this ABC report.


Asia Bibi blasphemy acquittal upheld by Pakistan court

Pakistan’s top court rejects a challenge to the acquittal of a Christian woman on blasphemy charges. Read the BBC’s report on the decision and on what’s next for Asia Bibi.


Is religious freedom under threat?

Listen to two Anglicans and an atheist discuss Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s plans to protect religious freedom on ABC Radio National’s God Forbid, program – and whether the religious freedom law is the missing piece in the Australian human rights puzzle or whether it would enable discrimination in the name of religion.


Church, wider culture continue to address sexual harassment, abuse in #MeToo age

A three-year suspension on the statute of limitations for sexual misconduct committed by clergy against an adult comes into effect in the US branch of the Anglican Communion, the Episcopal Church.


I pray in tongues every day, says Archbishop of Canterbury

Archbishop Justin Welby is an early riser and says he prays in tongues every day during his 5am prayer time, but admits it is “not usually an immensely ecstatic moment”, according to this report in Britain’s Guardian.


Putting a reckless God under the microscope

Melbourne clergyman and co-editor of a new book on science and faith, Chris Mulherin, tells Eternity News that there is no fundamental contradiction between the two. “They are harmonious,” he says.


Brexit shines light on Church of England rift between leadership and Anglican majority

The conflict in the Anglican Church is closely tied to wider divisions over Brexit that affect the UK as a whole, write Katie Gaddini and Linda Woodhead in the UK edition of The Conversation.


How Christians can unpack the baggage of colonialism on Australia Day

Why do a growing number of people mark Australia Day by going to church? Church attendance on Australia Day points to the complex relationships between Christianity, colonialism and race — relationships that are still being debated today. Award-winning author Meredith Lake, host of ABC Radio National’s Soul Search, explores this development.


A less religious America will be a less generous America

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby says Americans aren’t just turning from religion, but against religion – with disturbing implications for charitable giving and volunteering, with religious faith and institutions the strongest drivers of philanthropic works in US society.