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Newsstand 26 March - 1 April

Tributes to two pioneering Anglican women, one an Australian, who died last month; a "wild ride" for the new Anglican Bishop to the ADF; tips from the Church of England to deal with anxiety and mental health issues during the pandemic; a Melbourne vicar suggests a deferred Easter would be like no other; and more ...

March 31 2020


'Extraordinary' new book by NT Wright, Mike Bird launched at Ridley

A new book by esteemed British scholar Bishop N.T. (Tom) Wright and Ridley College academic the Revd Dr Mike Bird was launched at Ridley College last month. The 992-page history, The New Testament in its World: An Introduction to the History, Literature and Theology of the First Christians, takes an in-depth look at the early Church and the books of the New Testament.


Trailblazing Anglican women Dr Catherine Hamlin and Bishop Barbara Harris die

Two pioneering Anglican women – renowned Australian obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr Catherine Hamlin, and the first woman to be consecrated a bishop in the Anglican Communion, US Bishop Barbara Harris – died within days of each other last month.


Creativity flourishes as 'contactless ministry' becomes the only option

After the global coronavirus pandemic forced the closure of churches, parishes around the country had merely days to figure out how to “do church”. Here are some ways Anglican churches have responded.


Eviction moratorium will protect millions of Australians: Anglicare

Anglicare Australia has said that the moratorium on evictions announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison will offer protection for millions of renters. “This is a major step forward, offering security to millions of Australians,” said Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers. 


On deferring Easter and diving more deeply into Lenten quarantine

Melbourne priest the Revd Dr Garry Deverell calls for an extension of Lent, writing that with the once-in-a-century crisis and opportunity presented by coronavirus, this is the time to defer celebrations of Easter and celebrate Holy Week immediately before the Sunday when churches are able to safely gather again. "Can you imagine what that would be like, after all the privation, after all the spacial distancing, after all that living of a more circumscribed life? It would be brimming over with joy, the joy that comes with the arrival of the dawn after a long, dark, night of the soul." 


Church of England release top tips for good mental health amid coronavirus crisis

The Church of England has released a series of reflections to help curb anxiety and mental health issues during the coronavirus pandemic. The resources, which include Christian meditation techniques and tips for good mental wellbeing, aim to help those struggling with fear, loneliness and grief.


‘Wild ride’ for new bishop

It’s been “a wild ride” in the military for Grant Dibden, who was last month inducted and installed as Anglican Bishop to the Defence Force. Not many soldiers go from a recently promoted Lieutenant Colonel to Major-General in a single bound, but in Bishop Dibden’s case it follows an equally unusual demotion from colonel to captain. 


Digital divide made even wider in COVID-19 times

A laptop or tablet and the internet are not universally available to Australian students. In 2016-17, 1.25 million Australian households lacked the internet home connection that’s required to make full use of online learning platforms like Class Dojo, where some classes are congregating during the coronavirus lockdown. 


The president, the pandemic and the limits of positive thinking

Two US sociologists trace President Donald Trump's response to coronavirus to his former pastor, Norman Vincent Peale - whose blockbuster 1952 book, The Power of Positive Thinking, is still in print - and to other Christian and American roots. 


Surviving a pandemic, in 1918

A century ago, Catholic nuns from Philadelphia recalled what it was like to tend to the needy and the sick during the great influenza pandemic of 1918.