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Brighton Grammar students respond to community needs

November 14 2017Each year the Year 8 students of Brighton Grammar engage in iDesign, which involves them designing an innovative, creative, entrepreneurial or sustainable response or solution to a real world problem they have identified. This year two projects in particular were concerned with homelessness and support for those in need.

Brighton Grammar students Henry Munnings, left, and Fynn Lade with their iDesign projects.

Henry Munnings decided to take action to raise awareness and knowledge of the work of Anglicare through St Mark’s Fitzroy Drop-in Centre. This included producing promotional material and selling wristbands. He hopes this will result in increased donations to the Centre.

In preparation he visited St Marks to gain insight into the work they do and the needs of clients. An important learning experience for Henry was realising that what he thought was helpful was not the same thing as what the clients actually needed.

In a second example, Fynn Lade chose to respond to the situation of homelessness in Melbourne. He designed and built a “Haven Hatch”, a portable shelter, with a street art durable fold-up cover – sturdy and providing privacy.

Both students resourced and produced the end products.