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Emerald women support safe birth in Uganda

October 19 2015On 19 September a group of women from the Emerald area held a community event at St Mark’s Emerald, packing birthing kits to help women in Uganda give birth safely. The group had raised $1000 – $600 for the 200 birthing kits, and $400 to help World Vision train health workers and encourage women to give birth in a health clinic. 

“I think it is a wonderful movement that recognises women have a compassionate heart and desire to help those in need,” said organiser Hollie Boniface, pictured with her daughter Celeste. “For me, it connects that desire with a practical activity.” An experience of her own provided additional motivation for Hollie. The birth of her second child did not go to plan and her daughter Evie was born in the car!

World Vision works around the world to improve maternal and child healthcare. World Vision is partnering with the Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) to provide clean birthing kits so that mothers and babies can avoid infection and survive childbirth. A clean birthing kit is so basic that it costs less than a cup of coffee. Yet it can help prevent infection and save lives. Each birthing kit contains six items needed to ensure a clean delivery. To learn more about the program and to organise a packing day with your local community group, visit